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Recently, I received an email from a lady who shared what she was doing in her Lutheran denomination as a result of hearing me speak on the book of Genesis. I asked her for permission to share her email with you, and she wrote the following:

My goal is to encourage others to realize "IT'S NOT THAT COMPLICATED" to start a few initiatives at your church and/or Christian school. The Lord can then do His work if we make the effort to open the right doors!
In her original email, she stated the following:
Ken, I wanted to take a minute to encourage you that your speaking events are changing lives.  I was one of thousands honored to hear your speech last summer at Oklahoma City's Reclaiming America conference. God used your words to convict my heart that I had been undercutting His Word when I had been foggy and inconsistent in my understand and communication on creation.  That conviction has led to action . . . and I share this, not to brag on what I'm doing, but rather to inspire other ordinary moms (or dads) to embrace this issue as the modern-day "Reformation" that's needed in the Church.

1. I developed -- for our LCMS-Lutheran Church -- an outline for a proposed Creation Crusade, which voters approved for 2011 (attached outline)

2. A centerpiece was booking Mike Riddle at our church-school in April for both the Sunday speaking sessions at the church, but also conducting a Saturday teacher/church worker training on Saturday and all-day sessions for area Lutheran/homeschool students on Monday.

3. I'm on a personal mission to make sure the national Lutheran school accreditation body adds intentional language and requirements for consistency in a biblically based science curriculum. (This has received very warm and enthusiastic support from the head of [a Lutheran schools association], and the issue will be brought up as a board recommendation at the next national meeting this summer.)

4. Along that line, the [Lutheran school group] is spotlighting our school's creation-revision efforts in the March magazine--which will go out to all Lutheran school administrators nationwide.

5. I'm guest-writing blogs on these worldview issues for my sister's growing ministry, called Frontline Moms. (Here's a link to today's post: ) If you can take the time to read, there's a couple of amazing encounters I had when sitting at a table marked, Creation Corner!

6. Additional steps at our church: adult Bible study series on creation by our pastor (using many of the Answers in Genesis DVDs as a basis), "Creation Corner" displays and giveaways at youth community basketballs games and upcoming community dances for middle school students, and a creation display at church with your AiG tracks as giveaways.

I'll continue to pray for your ministry, and for you to find ways of inspiring similiar efforts. I think there may be wisdom in AiG sponsoring a "creation re-creation" contest of some sort to encourage other churches/parochial schools to make similiar changes. (I think there's a marketing angle here, too, of bundling resources that you offer now as a "re-creation" packet.)

Blessings on your day and keep up the good work for His kingdom.

– Beth, Oklahoma City

More and more people like Beth are making a difference in their church and community as they take what they have learned and use it to reach others with the message of biblical authority and the gospel.

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