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In April, Master Books, in conjunction with AiG, will be releasing a new book that deals with compromise in Christian colleges. This is going to be a very eye-opening publication, which will challenge parents concerning where they send their students to college.

At Northland International University in Wisconsin on Tuesday evening, I spoke for two and a half hours on challenging the American church to repent of adopting (by and large) the idea that one can be “neutral” in the culture war. This is a major reason why Christians have lost so many battles in the abortion and “gay” marriage issues, nativity scenes and crosses in public places, creation/evolution and public schools, and so on. A big part of the problem is that there is such rife compromise regarding God’s Word in our churches—and such compromise in many ways stems from the colleges/seminaries that train Christian leaders. I’ll tell you more about the book as the time approaches, but I believe people are going to be shocked at what we reveal to them.

For the first time at a major public meeting, I released this past Tuesday evening at Northland International University in Wisconsin some of the research results that were used to put this new publication together.

There are a handful of Christian institutions like Northland who embrace the stand on biblical authority that Answers in Genesis takes. I am also thrilled that this college has partnered with AiG to ensure all their students and faculty are equipped by the AiG team. Recently Dr. Terry Mortenson and Dr. Jason Lisle of AiG ran a course for this college for its graduate students. Maybe you could ask your college when they are planning to ask AiG to partner with them, and if they are not doing this, ask them why not!

Here are some photographs taken at Northland International University this past Tuesday evening:

The President of the University, Dr. Matt Olson, and me

Our volunteers that helped with the resources

The Northern Lights Choir

The Choir and Orchestra as they sang and played for the audience

I am speaking from the podium

The auditorium

The auditorium (a gym)

Pastors and students were appreciative of the resources we offered them at extra-special prices

Pray for our Christian colleges throughout the nation. And praise the Lord for the few Christian institutions like Northland that do take an uncompromising stand on Genesis.

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