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If you haven’t read the article from The Christian Post on the informal TV debate I had on CNN with Barry Lynn from Americans United for Separation of Church and State about the Ark Encounter project, then I urge you to do so.  Here is an excerpt from the article:

When asked if the theme park was a ministry or purely a business venture, Ham responded, “Well, actually the Ark Encounter is a profit organization that’s set up to give a particular view of biblical history. It’s really a park about biblical history centered around Noah’s Ark.”

He continued, “So it’s going to be financed by a number of businessmen as well as … Answers in Genesis, [which] is a member of the profit organization.”

And the economic incentive, he noted, is that it will bring the state an estimated $250 million in the first year.

So “if it’s a religious-themed business, why should it be treated any differently than any other business?” Cooper posed to Lynn.

“I’d be hard pressed to find anyone who looks at this project and doesn’t see this as a ministry," Lynn maintained. "And that’s precisely what’s wrong with the government of Kentucky, the state helping to subsidize.”

Clarifying the issue, the founder of AiG reemphasized again and again throughout the interview two points: First, Answers in Genesis is just a member of the for profit Ark Encounter LLC.; and secondly, the government of Kentucky is not subsidizing the Ark Encounter.  Through the state’s Tourism Development Act, which is nondiscriminatory, any tourist attraction can apply for incentives regardless of the message.

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