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I thought today it would be good to be reminded of the tremendous number of encouraging comments we have received by email, phone, and letter—just this past week alone—regarding the spiritual battle that AiG is involved in.

Below is just one as representative of these comments. We thank you so much for such encouragement, but most of all we praise the Lord. I often think about Noah and the fact that only his family believed him. There are thousands upon thousands upon thousands who support AiG—thank you.

Just read your Jan 27 entry re: the CNN interview. Wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for all you do! I can't even imagine what you are subjected to from Biblical "scoffers". Know that there is an army out there praying for you, promoting your ministry, and supporting you when and however we are able! I believe God will use that interview to draw many seekers to the Truth.

Thank you for your faithful persistence. What an amazing, God inspired project. I'm already planning to bring families as soon as you are open. God bless you big time!

– Mike, Colorado

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