Abusing Children?

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Recently, in what is becoming increasingly normal language for some secularists, AiG and the Creation Museum have been accused of abusing children because we are teaching them God’s Word is truth—starting in Genesis. In fact, these secularists accuse Christians in general of abusing children because they are taught about the God of the Bible and salvation in Christ.

Well, more and more young people are coming to the Creation Museum, and we praise the Lord.

Yesterday, I met a group of young people from Franklin Road Christian School from the Detroit area. Tim Gambino was the group leader. This school brings their eighth graders to the Creation Museum each year now.

Here are three photographs of the group as they visited yesterday, with one of the group shots taken with me in our Main Hall:

I also met some Christian leaders from a church in Alabama, who were scouting out the Creation Museum as they plan to bring all their young people (about 100) to the Creation Museum this July.

I also met people who told me they have been using AiG’s Vacation Bible School (VBS) program in their churches, and the results are so positive. They will be using AiG’s Gold Rush VBS this year.

AiG produces VBS programs that are professional and very evangelistic and teach biblical authority and apologetics—and the kids just love it. One person told me today they are finding that when adults drop off the children they often stay for the first and last sessions, as the parents are so interested in the content themselves.

Yes, lots more children (and adults) are being impacted by AiG’s various outreaches each year.

Make sure you check out AiG’s VBS program at this link.

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