Blessed by a Preschool Christmas Program

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Last week, the Creation Museum hosted a preschool class from a local church in our Cincinnati/northern Kentucky area. It was the drama of the Christmas account straight from God’s Word—with actors from the preschool audience portraying Joseph and Mary. The children were even asked to participate by putting on headgear that represented the animals that might have been present at the nativity scene. They were even treated to an appearance of our petting zoo’s donkey to let them see what Jesus’ mother might have had to travel on as she made her way to Bethlehem.

Parents and children were blessed by the special Christmas program. The Creation Museum is more than happy to host other field trips for school groups and church groups!

At a time when millions of children are being indoctrinated in evolutionary secular humanism through public schools, science museums, media, etc., it is a thrill for us to be able to bring the truth of God’s Word to so many children who visit the Creation Museum.

Media Matters

By the way, the main article on our website on Monday will look back at the wide media coverage about last week’s announcement that AiG will be the co-developer of the Ark Encounter—with a full-size, wooden Ark as the main attraction. As I write this, the New York Times and the Times of London were working on their own stories about the Ark Encounter (to be built in northern Kentucky and south of Cincinnati). Check back later on the AiG website for that Monday article; meanwhile, see our new Ark website (with videos) at

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