Why Were They Banned?

by Ken Ham on November 10, 2010

Do most secularists believe in freedom of speech? Do they believe in tolerance? Well, from what I’ve read they claim they do, but in reality, many don’t. We continually have problems with secularists spamming AiG’s various websites. It would seem the people who do this cannot stand AiG getting information out to people. They must be so insecure in their own position that they will make personal attacks and do what they can to disrupt, and in the process, they show their extreme intolerance of people with whom they don’t agree. This doesn’t just happen to AiG, of course—it happens to many Christian sites.

Now when it comes to the origins issue, there are many chat rooms and forums that are set up for people to debate this topic. However, some secularists aren’t content with that, as they just want to attack and disrupt Christian ministries.

When we first started the www.IamNotAshamed.org website, over a few nights some secularists left thousands of messages—thousands. They were spamming our site to try to totally disrupt it. We had to ban them.

Recently, we had some secularists begin leaving many messages on the Answers in Genesis Facebook page in response to our daily devotionals and articles—they were trying to debate Christianity in a section that is not constructed for that purpose. They had to be banned.

Recently, I started a Facebook page and also a Twitter page (www.facebook.com/aigkenham and www.twitter.com/aigkenham). Everyone knows such pages are for fans—people who like it. Well, one secularist (who was already banned from the AiG page) began making comment after comment on my Facebook page—personal attacks!  While they were being posted one after another (obviously another spamming attempt), we banned this person (and we have had to ban several others before this person too) who stated the following in the series of posts:

  • “Hey, it's the Hamster!How's it going Ham? Still cashing in by lying to the weak and desperate?

    Still getting paid plenty for spreading ignorance?”

  • “How about NOT lying to people about science and scientific fact?Will that ever be an option for you?”
  • “Talk about selling ones soul to the devil ... ”
  • “But hey, anything for a buck huh?”
First of all, these are obviously personal attacks. Secondly, a Facebook page is not a place to debate.

Also interesting to note is that this person was so angry when he was banned, he did the following:

1. Sent an email to the AiG administrator stating the following:

Oh, and how about you step out of that little creationist-fort, and try debating people where you can't ban them.

And see how long you last when talking to someone with a functioning brain.

2.  He and along with other banned secularists started a Facebook page with my photograph called, “I believe we can find 1,000,000 people who accept Ken Ham is an ape.” And of course, they and a few others began their name calling and mocking on that page, such as the following:
  • “'A new Subspecies of Ape discovered' is this one of those cases? And seeing as Humans are apes then if hes not an ape hes not going to be human.”
  • “The picture's awesome, because he kinda resembles one of our cousins...”
  • “He's a Monkey too”
I suspect Facebook rules don’t allow such personal attacks.

It is interesting to note that one of the banned people indicated on his public profile that he likes the Irish Skeptics Society page. Interestingly enough, it states, “The organization regularly sponsors lectures on a variety of topics including self-awareness, tolerance and evolution.”

“Tolerance”—oh yes, just like these secularists and their disruptive spamming and intolerance of not only what I believe, but of me personally.

After being banned from AiG’s page and my page, a couple of them then went to the Creation Museum page to begin the harassment, and they were banned from there also.

As I stated, there are places where these people can go and debate: there are numerous chat rooms, discussion boards, forums, etc. But because of their intolerance, they want to disrupt—not debate. They want to mock and name call. We certainly need to pray for them.

The AiG websites and Facebook pages are not meant as chat rooms or forums. We provide resources: resources in the form of articles, DVDs, books, videos, and so on for people to use. We are a resources equipping ministry.  We provide information these secularists don’t want you to know.

It is fascinating to me (but totally consistent with what the Bible teaches about man’s rebellious, sinful nature) that these secularists have so imposed their religion on public education, that most of the system teaches evolution as fact to millions of students. Many of the documentaries and science programs on television (Discovery Channel, Learning Channel, PBS, etc.) proclaim evolution/millions of years as fact. Secular science museums across the nation and around the world basically present evolution as true. Thousands of websites present evolution/millions of years as fact.  Thousands of publications (journals, magazines, books, etc.) present evolution/millions of years as true. And yet for all that, the secularists cannot stand one major Creation Museum, and the websites and resources AiG uses, to get out the truth concerning God’s Word!

Let’s pray that the Lord will allow AiG to have even more opportunities to spread the creation/gospel message in our culture.


I shall live

(Psalm 119:144) give me understanding, and I shall live.

Life comes from knowing who the Lord Jesus Christ is: the King and Creator of the Universe and the Savior of lost men. Eternal Life is to know Him.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying,


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