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AiG’s ever-growing media-related outreaches—including our daily Answers radio program, web feeds, magazine, and videos for TV—are accomplished to varying degrees with the partnership of other ministries. Over the years we have been blessed by many excellent relationships with individuals who also have a strong heart to reach and train people worldwide—not only through personal interaction, but also through various mass media where that makes good sense.

Each fall for the last several years, our Vice President of Media, Dale Mason, has been invited to be part of the special “President’s Council” of the National Religious Broadcasters association (this is the same group that sponsors the huge convention that is attended by over 5,000 Christians in media each spring). NRB is strategic in that its staff monitors current and pending regulations and laws that could have a significant impact on the ability of AiG and other Christian broadcasters to continue to get the gospel message out “unfettered” by anti-Christian political situations. For two days this week, Dale and about 30 other Christian media executives had closed-door meetings with various U.S. government leaders, including Senator Jeff Sessions (who serves as the ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee), Representative Randy Forbes of Virginia, who is an adviser to the Congressional Internet Caucus, and FCC Commissioner Meredith Attwell Baker, who shares many of the same concerns that we do about broadcast freedoms.

In addition, Dale was able to renew and deepen relationships on behalf of AiG with the folks pictured below, plus: Richard Bott of Bott Radio Network, which carries our Answers ... with Ken Ham program on more than 60 stations, Mrs. Vonette Bright, who is the widow of the late Bill Bright/founder of Campus Crusade for Christ, Penna Dexter, who co-hosts Point of View on the USA Radio Network, Troy Miller of the NRB TV Network, which carries our weekly Answers Creation Hour TV program worldwide on DirecTV channel 378, plus, of course, NRB President Frank Wright, and numerous others.

Here are a few pictures. The first is of Meredith Atwell Baker (FCC Commissioner), and the rest are of some special friends of AiG and the Creation Museum alongside Dale. Please pray for each of these ministry leaders as they work together with us to reach the hearts and minds of those who need to know that Jesus is the Creator and that the Bible really can be trusted!

FCC Commissioner Meredith Attwell Baker speaks to NRB President’s Council members (in a private lunch meeting at the National Press Club, Washington DC).

AiG VP of Media Dale Mason with Roger Lonnquist. He leads “Your Network of Praise,” a network of about 40 radio outlets in the northwest U.S. His entire network carries our Answers ... with Ken Ham daily radio program. Roger loves God’s Word and our message of biblical inerrancy!

Jamey Schmitz of WLMB–TV 40 in Toledo (and his daughter Sophia, and Dale Mason). Jamey is a homeschool dad who greatly appreciates the ministries of AiG. His TV station brings busloads of viewers to the Creation Museum each year!

Mark Jenkins leads the TV ministry of Grove Avenue Baptist Church in Richmond, Virginia. Mark describes himself as a “reformed PBS producer” (before becoming a Christian, he produced documentaries featuring Carl Sagan and other leading evolutionists). Today, he is a great friend of AiG and led the team that shot our Already Gone DVD when Ken spoke at Grove Avenue in 2009.

Jim Sanders of Ambassador Advertising/Amb–OS radio distribution. Together, he and his sister, Peggy Campbell, lead the staff that produces and distributes some of America’s best-loved Christian radio programs (including James Dobson, Joni and Friends, and many others). Their satellite radio distribution system carries our Answers ... with Ken Ham radio program.

Jay Flowers of John MacArthur’s Grace to You radio ministry. Dale considers Jay to be one of the most knowledgeable men in Christian radio ministry today, and highly values AiG’s growing relationship with him.

Ed Cannon is a big fan of Answers in Genesis, and serves as Executive Vice President and COO at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, Illinois. Dale enjoyed “talking creation” with Ed, and with Dr. Erwin Lutzer (pastor of Moody Church) over dinner. Moody Radio has brought busloads of listeners to the museum, done “live remote” broadcasts here, and carries Talking it Over, the national daily call-in radio show hosted by Janet Parshall, another great friend of AiG who has had me on her programs numerous times over the years. We appreciate Moody in many ways.

NRB Chairman Bill Skelton (of Adrian Rodgers legacy ministry, Love Worth Finding).

Deeper Conference

This past Friday and Saturday, Dr. Jason Lisle and I were guest speakers at the “Deeper Conference” that was held in our local area at the Northern Kentucky Convention Center. Other speakers included Kirk Cameron, Ray Comfort, and Todd Friel (of “Wretched Radio” fame). Many of the 1,500 participants also visited the Creation Museum. Here are some photographs taken at the conference.

The audience at my Friday evening presentation:

Our volunteers for our resources tables:

Dr. Lisle giving his Saturday presentation:

Jason Lisle interacts with participants after his presentation:

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