“The Museum and the Grounds are Truly Spectacular”

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We receive many rave reviews of the Creation Museum by email, phone, letter, and in person.  Every now and then, I like to share one of the many such pieces of feedback we receive—like this one that came by email recently:

The museum and the grounds are truly SPECTACULAR!!!
I was telling our neighbors about it last night.  We really enjoyed it, and I am grateful for the museum to have made it clear to my children that they do not have to accept everything they are "fed" in school.  I was amazed at how clean everything was - and I was looking! . . . Everything seemed BRAND NEW.  I was really amazed, and my wife and kids enjoyed it.

I cannot think of any changes I would make. I felt like the layout and flow was good, and enjoyed the process we were taken on through the museum, theaters, and gift shop.  It would be hard for me to pick my favorite part.  [We] both really liked the planetarium. I also really liked the grounds, and the landscaping, and the Noah's Ark portion of the museum. Men in White was great  . . . I am thankful for the message . . . I found the message refreshing, upbeat, creative, and straightforward . . . I would like do offer myself in any way to contribute to the success of you, and Answers In Genesis.  Do not hesitate to call on me for anything!  I look forward to my next visit, and I will continue to speak to my friends and neighbors about visiting!

Praise the Lord for the way in which the Creation Museum is touching lives.

By the way, we had over 3,000 museum visitors yesterday!

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