How Many Pennies Make $1000?

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Recently, Creation Museum Director Dan Mangus was thrilled to receive a check for $1000 from Greg Johnson, the Principal of St. Michael Lutheran Church and School in Portage, Michigan.  A person associated with the school headed up using AiG’s VBS program “The Egypt File” (this was their first time to use an AiG VBS program) as an outreach.  The kids were challenged to raise $1000 in pennies to donate to the Creation Museum.  Thanks kids—what a wonderful investment in helping reach thousands (even millions) of other kids with the truth of God’s Word beginning in Genesis.

Here is a photograph of Dan Mangus (right) and Greg Johnson (and family) as Dan is presented with this generous donation check:

A “Different” Review of the Creation Museum

More often than not, when people (especially some of the radical atheists) visit the Creation Museum and write a review—they scoff, make all sorts of false claims, denigrate those of us who work there, often use vile language, etc.  Recently, we found out about a review from someone who states that he is an evolutionist and doesn’t agree with everything at the Creation Museum—but it was a refreshing review nonetheless.  Here are a couple of statements from the review:
There have been several very scathing reviews of the museum by people like PZ Myers and others who, IMO, have far too much of an un-objective chip on their shoulder toward creationism. So, being the evolutionist that I am, I visited the museum to see for myself. Based on these reviews, I was expecting some terrible offense on evolutionary scientists of unspeakable proportions. It really just wasn't like that at all ...

So all in all, it is what it is, but frankly it looks fantastic. It's worth a visit just to see the grounds, the planetarium, and to see all the exhibits of what might be considered the pinnacle of YEC creationism even if you completely disagree with its viewpoints. All in all, I think a lot of the controversy over this museum in the last few years is indicative of a problem of vitriol on the part of evolutionists (and yes, it takes place on the part of creationists too, but I just didn't see that at this museum.) Maybe these scientists who have so castigated this place would like a natural history museum that is as well-presented as Ken Ham's Creation Museum and therefore are a little jealous. I don't know, but I do know that I enjoyed the museum even though I didn't agree with everything.

You can read the entire review at:

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