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I have heard so many rave reviews about AiG’s “Egypt File” VBS program. Many pastors from different denominations have told me that they are so tired of programs that are very shallow and just “fluff.” They found AiG’s VBS full of great teaching with an apologetics/biblical authority emphasis and strongly evangelistic. The kids love it. A local church about 30 minutes from the Creation Museum was thrilled to offer the VBS to the local community.

Here are some photographs:

The man holding the mummy head and crocodile is Pastor Stewart (http://taylormill22.adventistchurchconnect.org/)—he is the main pastor at the church. He, along with his wife, headed up the VBS. He said he could not believe the quality and substantial teaching in the AiG VBS; many he looked at were shallow and focused more on entertainment than teaching God’s Word.

You can find out about AiG’s 2011 exciting VBS program (called Gold Rush) at this link: http://answersvbs.com/2011/

Thousands Visiting the Creation Museum

Almost 2,800 people yesterday, and almost 2,000 this past Friday at the Creation Museum. Thousands continue to flock to the Creation Museum. While I was out in the museum on Friday, I spoke with some people who were studying the outstanding meteorite exhibit (just outside the Planetarium). I also had my photograph taken with one of the hundreds of families visiting:

Defending the Faith Conference Begins Monday

Around 2,500 people, plus AiG staff and speakers, are heading down to Tennessee for our Defending the Faith conference Monday through Thursday. This will be an exciting time for attendees—a wonderful opportunity to receive teaching from many world-class Christian apologists and visit the various shows/tourist areas in the Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge/Smoky Mountains area. People can still register at the door for the conference (or attend part-time). Go to the conference website for details.

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