Deaf Day Is Coming

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The Creation Museum “Deaf Day 2010” is coming on Monday, September 6, 2010 (Labor Day), from 12–6 p.m.

We will have sign language interpreters in the theaters and at various key places throughout the museum to help our guests who are deaf have a great experience. We will also offer buy-one-get-one-free admission for deaf people and their immediate families that day.

If you are deaf or are a qualified sign language interpreter and would like to help, we need you! We need volunteers to help make the day memorable for our deaf guests! We need Christians who love to serve the deaf community and who agree with the Answers in Genesis Statement of Faith to help answer questions that deaf guests may have, interpret in three theaters (and for live presentations), help out in our bookstore and café, and more.

We invite volunteers for the Deaf Day to come tour the museum in advance (date TBD), have lunch on us, discuss the specific needs, and determine where you would fit in best. Volunteers will also receive free lunch in our café on September 6, when they come to help out for Deaf Day.

Complete a volunteer application (and see the Statement of Faith) on our website. On the application, under “Availability,” please indicate that you want to volunteer for the Deaf Day.

Deaf Day is now also now advertised at:

“Retiring”—Sort Of

In 2004, Bob and Jan Thomspon arrived in their RV to volunteer at Answers in Genesis and eventually the Creation Museum—and stayed! Bob and Jan loved the AiG ministry so much, they became a special part of our AiG family. Not only did they volunteer in many areas, Bob and Jan started our Video Conference Coordinator (VCC) program. (Volunteers living in areas all over the country show AiG’s videos in churches, when the church may not have the finances to fly out a live speaker and take care of related expenses).

This past Thursday, we all said “goodbye” to Bob and Jan as they were ready to head back to California where they have a number of children and grandchildren—and great-grandchildren. Bob and Jan are officially (well, sort of) “retiring”! But they will continue to promote the AiG ministry in the West, and have already outlined how they will be doing this!

Here are some photos of Bob and Jan with Mark Looy and me as we had some fun with them in front of the staff at our chapel meeting on Thursday:

Before they left, we talked Bob into taking a camel ride—a new feature associated with the Creation Museum Petting Zoo.

“Lead on—I love it up here.”

“Wow, I even get a better cell phone signal up this high!”

“I see the pyramids in the distance!”

We are certainly going to miss Bob and Jan, but I know we’ll be hearing from them regularly, and we will catch up with them whenever we are conducting conferences, etc. in the West.

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