New Buddy CDs “Evolving”

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Using a lot of intelligence, lots of design, careful planning, tons of talents, and lots of carefully highly crafted musical instruments, AiG’s Buddy Davis is in the midst of an intensive recording session in North Carolina to produce 2 new CDs that will be available in a couple of months.  We could say these new CDs are “evolving” slowly but not over millions of years!

Here are some photos of Buddy and the musical artists that are backing him:

Keep a watch on AiG’s website and the AiG’s newsletters for the news of when these new CDs will be released.  Buddy’s songs are very popular with adults and children—you can go to the AiG online bookstore to see what Buddy Davis CDs are currently available.

Today, I’m doing something very special—I’ll report on that tomorrow, with photos of what I’m doing today while out of state.

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