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Yesterday, we celebrated the third anniversary of the opening of the Creation Museum and also opened our new Kneehigh museum within the existing Creation Museum. The Creation Museum has always been a family-friendly place, and it’s become even more so with new exhibits for children—they can touch a real dinosaur bone, interact with an animatronic Noah to ask him questions about the Flood and the Ark, see other animatronics (new birds in our Voyage Room), play games, take a quiz, etc.

Here is a photo of the remarkable animatronic Noah, who answers questions that children choose on a touch-screen computer.  The animatronic raven and dove nearby also move realistically.

Here is a photo of a young child “asking” Noah a question.

Also, here is a photo of the ribbon-cutting (actually, rope-cutting) ceremony by the Gabrel family with some of the AiG staff—this family and another in Pennsylvania greatly helped in sponsoring these new child-friendly exhibits.

Friday morning, the Randall Gabrel family of Oklahoma helped the Creation Museum open its Kneehigh exhibits for children. L–R at the “rope-pull” form of ribbon-cutting are: Mike Zovath, AiG –VP; Don Landis, AiG Chairman of the Board; Raelyn Gabrel; Ken Ham, AiG President; Lynn Gabrel (holding daughter Cindy); Mark Looy, AiG-CCO; Helen Gabrel; Randall Gabrel.

Here I am speaking to the staff and special guests before we pulled the rope and let people inside to see the several new exhibits and displays.

I then introduced two of the artists, Doug and Cathy Henderson, who spent countless hours getting the exhibits done (and there’s more to come later this year from this talented couple).

Randall Gabrel spoke as well during the ceremony.

Come on by and see these new high-tech, interactive exhibits inside the Creation Museum; adults will love them, too. Oh, and don’t miss the new koi pond on the museum grounds.

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