2,500 at Homeschool Conference

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During the last two days, I gave seven presentations at a Home Educator’s Conference (run by “Christian Heritage”) in Seattle. I have included some photographs taken during this well-attended event.

A young girl engrossed in our Dinosaurs for Kids book:

Girl Reading Dinosaurs for Kids

Answering questions from another young girl:

Ken Answering Questions

People around the resource tables:

People are Resource Tables

You are never too young to love books from AiG!

Young child with AiG books

Can you guess where they visited recently? (BTW: Seattle is over 2,000 miles from the museum.)

Ken with Kids

Two photographs taken inside the auditorium:

Photo of Auditorium

Photo of Auditorium

One-millionth Visitor Tomorrow

The one-millionth visitor will walk through the doors of the Creation Museum sometime tomorrow morning! A milestone we praise the Lord for—and after only three years of operation. A reporter with a major U.S. newspaper called on Friday and asked if this was ahead of schedule, and we told him that when we opened the museum in May 2007, we thought it might take five years to reach one million people!

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