One-millionth Visitor Monday!

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The third anniversary of the Creation Museum is still over a month away, but we anticipate welcoming our millionth visitor on Monday. AiG staff have planned a celebration and large gift package for the special guest, and has scheduled a photo-opp and meet-and-greet with me and other AiG leadership.

The Creation Museum opened to the public on May 28, 2007. Attendance ran so strong the first summer that the Creation Museum saw 250,000 guests by October—a number we hadn’t expected to see until the end of the first year of operation. Despite a struggling economy, museum attendance has remained above 300,000 visitors a year, reaching the one-millionth-visitor milestone in less than three years.

If you visit the museum Monday morning, you could be the millionth guest—but regardless, you can join in the celebrations with us wherever you are.

Inspired by an Eight-year-old

An email received this week:
We LOVE your [Answers] magazine and the Creation Museum! You have inspired my 8 yr old son so much. He wants to work with you when he gets old enough. He has that “Fire In His Bones” concerning Creation vs Evolution. Thanks again for all you do.
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