To Albania with Love

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Two residents of our Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati area will be traveling (with their daughter) to Albania sometime in the next few months to begin a ministry to that former Marxist nation (located north of Greece). Sue and Blair Alvidrez spoke to our staff at our Thursday chapel session (see photos below) and shared about Albania (a nation they have visited many times)—and announced that they had already raised 85% of their missionary support.

AiG supporters who live in our tri-state area might be interested in the following event that will help Blair and Sue finish the 15% still needed: It’s a 5K walk/run on Sat. March 27 as 9am in Erlanger, KY—about 15 minutes east of our museum. It’s an event for all ages. The website is—in the search bar, type in the word Erlanger—and  the name of the run is “Support Run.”

Last night, a benefit concert was held in our area to help raise more money to cover the start up/moving costs for the Alvidrez family.

Here is the website for Blair and Sue:

USA Today Tomorrow?

Monday’s edition of USA Today (America’s national newspaper) will most likely have an article about the Smithsonian’s new exhibition on human evolution in Washington DC, plus our reaction to it. Look for it on newsstands on Monday. (We hope to verify by Monday morning that the article is there.)

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