Thousands Hear AiG Message at Chino Hills

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Thanks to Pastor Jack Hibbs for inviting Dr. Jason Lisle and me to speak at Calvary Chapel of Chino Hills (California) over the past two days. On Sunday morning, between 6000-7000 people attended the three morning services, then the around 2000 turned out for the evening session.  People were hungry for the resources, and the interest in AiG’s “I am not ashamed” campaign overwhelmed us (see, with hundreds of the “I am not ashamed” T-Shirts being purchased.  There is really a move among God’s people to stand for God’s Word in this nation.  Many people expressed interest in supporting a billboard campaign in this area (Chino Hills/Ontario) of California.  Here are some photographs taken Sunday:

1. Morning services

2.  Our volunteers—wearing their I am not ashamed T-shirts (it was beautiful weather in California)  and another of me standing with them

3.  One of me presenting Pastor Jack Hibbs with a copy of the New Answers Book 3 and also his I am not ashamed T-shirt

4.  The entrance to the courtyard where the resources and the I am not ashamed booth were located (in beautiful, sunny California, this can be done outside like this!)

5.  Dr. Jason Lisle of our staff speaking Sunday evening

6.  People crowded around the resource tables

7.  A young boy proudly holds up his “Dinosaurs for Kids” book

8.  A young lady looks at the resources

9.  This photograph was taken on a cell phone and so the quality is not good --but it shows the long line of people wanting to get the I am not ashamed T-shirts

Harvest, Riverside on Wednesday

On Wednesday, I will be at Harvest Christian Fellowship (Pastor Greg Laurie) at Riverside, California for two school assemblies (special programs for children and young people) on Wednesday morning, and a special Wednesday evening presentation entitled:  “The Importance of Biblical Authority and the Age of the Earth.”  Go to the AiG website calendar for details.

DVDs in Japanese

Six of my main presentations are now available as DVDs in Japanese.

We will have a limited supply available through our bookstore, and they can be obtained from this group in Japan (Creation Research Japan)

First National Pastors’ Conference

Our lead web article for Monday stated:
Have you ever thought about how your own pastor needs to be spiritually fed? He gives so much of himself in preparing his Sunday message (and then delivering it), all to feed you and the rest of the flock. Also, your pastor is continually dealing with the concerns and problems of the people in the church. Most congregations simply really don’t realize that their pastor needs to be refreshed and equipped himself.

We have a remedy.

Your pastor can be blessed and edified by learning from some of the world’s leading apologetics speakers, including Ken Ham and Dr. John Whitcomb (of The Genesis Flood fame) at our first national pastors’ conference, Answers for Pastors—Always Equipped, Never Ashamed, September 21–23. To be held here in our Cincinnati/N. Kentucky area (and near the Creation Museum) this September, our special conference promises to feature a great time of Bible teaching and encouragement for your pastor.

Read the entire article on our website about this fantastic opportunity for your pastor/Christian leader.

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