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For all you ladies, Answers in Genesis speaker, writer, and researcher, Dr. Georgia Purdom, wants to let you know about a special opportunity not only to attend a great women’s conference, but also learn more about our new ministry outreach called Answers for Women. The True Woman 2010 conference in Chattanooga, Tennessee, on March 25–27 promises a great lineup of speakers, including Nancy Leigh DeMoss, Voddie Baucham, and Kay Arthur. Answers in Genesis will have a booth at the conference and our very own Dr. Purdom will be there to discuss the topic Answers for Women: God’s Word in God’s World for God’s Women.

Georgia has a real burden to bring the message of biblical authority to women. She writes:

Did you ever think how wonderfully sufficient God’s Word is for providing all the answers for our every-day life? As the ultimate authority, every page of Scripture is God’s very word to us. We can be confident to trust God by knowing Him intimately through His Word and we can learn how to defend it for the sake of our families.
As a wife and mother, I am very aware of the powerful influence God’s Word has on the life of my family, especially my child. As a scientist, I have experienced firsthand the reliability of the Bible as it relates to the world we live in. As a traveling speaker, I have had opportunity to frequently communicate how God’s Word is a faithful guide in God’s world for God’s women.”
Visit the booth to learn more about Answers for Women conferences and other aspects of this new outreach for women. If you can’t attend the Chattanooga conference, Answers in Genesis will also have a booth at the Indianapolis True Woman 2010 conference, September 23–25.

Speaking in Georgia Tonight/Tomorrow Evening

I will be speaking (the same presentation each night) for the next two evenings in Georgia at First Baptist Church of Woodstock. For information, go to the Answers Outreach online calendar.

12- and 9-Year-Old Fans

I enjoyed these two letters recently from some young AiG fans:
Dear Ken Ham,
Thank you for all of the work you have been doing to make the U.S.A. a more Christian country. I love to hear you speak in “State of the nation.” (We have it). Thank you for founding the Creation Museum. I have been there and it is awesome! My name is J.D. and I am 12 years old. Here is some money to help support Answers in Genesis. Keep up the good work!
Your Brother in Christ,
P.S. I will see you at the Apologetics Conference in Sevierville, TN! I hope I can meet and talk to you.
P.S.S. Please write back.
P.S.S.S. I really enjoyed Demolishing Strongholds [the teen DVD series from Answers in Genesisi].
Here’s the other one:
Dear Ken Ham,
I am a really great fan of what you have done. I want to give all the money I have to Answers in Genesis to support it. I love that company. All I have is $40.00. I hope it helps!
From, 9 year old, B.D.
P.S. May God be with you!


(Galatians 1:15–16) But when it pleased God, who separated me from my mother's womb, and called me by his grace, To reveal his Son in me, that I might preach him among the heathen; immediately I conferred not with flesh and blood

What gives us fire and boldness to preach is the revelation that the Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ is in us in the person of the Holy Spirit, our great counselor.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying, Ken

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