Anti-Creation Museum, Even in an Obituary

by Ken Ham on February 20, 2010

Whenever we hear of the death of a human being, it is of course a very sad occasion—and a reminder that we live in a sin-cursed world. Thus all of us need salvation in Christ—the One who paid the penalty for our sin in Adam, so that if a person receives the free gift of salvation, he/she can spend eternity with the Lord. When a Christian dies, and although it’s very sad and we grieve, nonetheless it can be a time of rejoicing, knowing we will see this person again, for they are in the arms of the Lord and Savior.

We were saddened to hear of the death of an opponent of the Creation Museum—Helen Kagin. She and her husband Edwin Kagin were a part of a local atheist group that has opposed the museum since we first started the rezoning process for the property for the museum site. While our condolences certainly go out to the family during this tragic time, we found it very sad to read the following obituary:

Kagin was a heroine and activist in the Atheist movement … In 2005, Helen and Edwin were named ‘Atheists of the Year’ at the National Convention of American Atheists. Helen was active in the Free Inquiry Group of Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky . She worked closely with Edwin and others organizing countless demonstrations and meetings, including the Rally for Reason which attracted hundreds of pro-science supporters who peacefully protested outside the opening of the Creation Museum in Petersburg , KY.
We found it unfortunate that someone took this sad time as an opportunity to take a shot at the Creation Museum in an obituary. And sad, too, that some of the information was not correct. There were not hundreds at the protest rally outside the gates of the Creation Museum when it opened—we counted perhaps 70 people. Also it was not so “peaceful,” considering that the protestors brought in a loud rock band to disrupt our opening day, and also rented a plane to circle and buzz the museum for a few hours, dragging a banner stating: “Thou shalt not lie.”

Indeed, the death of any human being is a reminder to us all of the brevity of life. One of our staff members, Mark Looy, has flown to northern California to attend the memorial service today for Celeste Streutker, whose parents both worked for Mark at one time at AiG. Celeste (I mentioned her tragic death last Monday and posted her photo) spent most of her young life right here in northern Kentucky. She died in a car accident a few days ago at the age of 20. Pray for the parents, Kurt and Shari today—plus for their other daughter (Rachele).

Celeste’s obituary read:

Celeste Streutker, 20, of Palm Desert, CA died February 14, 2010 from injuries sustained in a car accident in Pinyon Pines. Miss Streutker was born May 25, 1989 to Kurt and Shari Streutker. A graduate of Simon Kenton High School in Independence, Kentucky, Celeste was on the dean's list at College of the Desert in Palm Desert, CA and was an active member of the COD's Math, Engineering and Science Achievement program. She touched the lives of all she met with her quirky humor and winsome spirit. Sweet, funny, beautiful, loving and kind all describe the shining light that was Celeste. She adored animals and supported the cause of animal rescue efforts. As an organ donor, Miss Streutker will continue to help in the lives of others. . . . Cherished daughter, adored sister and beloved to all, she will be forever missed. "My flesh and my heart faileth: but God is the strength of my heart, and my portion forever." Psalm 73:26.
Dan Lietha made this week’s AfterEden cartoon as a tribute for the Streutker family:

After Eden: Aloha Celeste

If you want to read the anti-creationist obituary, go to this link:

Here is a link to AiG's article that answers the often-asked question: why does God allowing suffering and death? It's also very evangelistic. Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying—including for the grieving Streutker family today.


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