Would President Obama Do It?

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The International Darwin Day Foundation website is encouraging people to sign an unusual petition—and what is the petition all about?

Here is what they state:

Please sign our petition urging President Obama to recognize Darwin Day. We need our elected leaders to speak out about the importance of scientific knowledge and its contribution to the advancement of humanity, and send a signal that religious infiltration into our science classrooms will not be tolerated. That’s why we’re asking you to sign our petition urging President Obama to recognize Darwin Day . . .
Dear President Obama,
As an American who values scientific inquiry and integrity, I urge you to issue a presidential proclamation recognizing Darwin Day on February 12. Darwin Day is celebrated every year on the anniversary of Charles Darwin’s birthday in 1809, and is a day in which people gather together to commemorate his life and work. Charles Darwin was the first to propose the groundbreaking scientific theory of evolution by natural selection—a theory that has done more to unify and bring understanding to the life sciences than any other—and Darwin Day is a celebration of this discovery and of scientific progress.

I believe that issuing this proclamation will send a powerful message that scientific discovery and integrity in our society are top priorities—priorities that are needed now more than ever as extremists with narrow ideological agendas are attempting to undermine science in our schools . . . .

It is all at this link.

And who is the backer of this petition, the IDDF? From their own website they state:

The International Darwin Day Foundation promotes public education about science and encourages the celebration of Science and Humanity throughout the global community. IDDF is administered by the American Humanist Association (AHA).
So, a group of secularists (primarily atheists), a minority in the culture, is attempting to pressure the President of the United States to recognize “Darwin Day.” Would he ever do this? Well, President Obama does believe in evolution and has been quoted as saying:
But I also believe our schools are there to teach worldly knowledge and science. I believe in evolution, and I believe there’s a difference between science and faith. . . . And I think it’s a mistake to try to cloud the teaching of science with theories that frankly don’t hold up to scientific inquiry . . . .
However, I doubt the President would bow to such a small minority in the culture, many of whom are extremely vile and blasphemous in their language on their blogs/websites—but I guess you never know, given what the President himself has said about evolution.

Challenging Devotion

The chairman of AiG’s Board of Directors, Pastor Don Landis, gave a challenging devotion to the AiG staff yesterday morning. I encourage you to listen to this devotion below. Don is a pastor from beautiful Jackson, Wyoming, and also the president of the unique creationist Jackson Hole Bible College.

Don Landis (02/03/10)


In those days shall Judah be saved

(Jeremiah 33:16) In those days shall Judah be saved, and Jerusalem shall dwell safely: and this is the name wherewith she shall be called, The LORD our righteousness.

Now Israel is lost in the wilderness of looking for their own self-righteousness; those days are coming when they find their righteousness in the Lord Jesus Christ.

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