170,000 Origin Books into Schools

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The Lord has raised up many different people in different places across America and worldwide to be involved in the spiritual battle of this age.  Two of our good friends, Ray Comfort (originally from New Zealand) and Kirk Cameron recently were involved in handing out a copy of Darwin’s Origin of Species to students across the USA and other parts of the world—of course this edition of the book was rather unique.  Watch this video clip to find out:


A Tribute to a Pioneer

It is with sadness I tell you about the recent passing of creationist and leading medical researcher Prof. John Rendle-Short in Australia. Tomorrow on the AiG website, I will pay tribute to this good friend and medical pioneer.  The following photograph was taken of Prof. and his wife, Angel, the last time Mally and I saw them in Australia—Prof’s wife passed away the following year and Prof passed away January 21st this year.  Prof. was the founding chairman of the creation ministry that began in our house in Australia about 30 years ago.

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