From Tragedy to Testimony

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The testimony he shares all across the country—including on national TV (see—is on one hand a very sad one, but ends with a triumphant message. In 2003, Robert Rogers  lost his wife and four children in a Kansas flash flood which swept their van off a highway and they drowned. Countless media interviews and a book (now in its 6th printing) have given him the opportunity to share his testimony in so many settings. See Robert, who lives in Indiana, visited the Creation Museum earlier this month, and he sent Mark Looy of our staff the following email about his visit:

Hi, Mark.

Thank you, thank you, SO much for the tickets to the Creation Museum on January 1, 2010.  What a fantastic experience --on every level: the gospel message, the Scriptures, the marvelous exhibits, the movies, the dinosaurs (which our 2-year old Ezekiel was mesmerized by!), the food, the planetarium, the bookstore, and the live Nativity.  Everything was first class in excellence and biblical foundation.

Eternal thanks to you, to Ken, and all the partners and staff who constructed and crafted such an enormous gift to mankind: believers and non-believers alike.  With you, I pray it draws many to the Cross of Christ. We were privileged to see Ken for a few seconds in the bookstore just before we departed.  He was gracious enough to stop and chat for a moment.  What a great resource the Creation Museum will remain as we home-school as well in the near future.  I can’t wait for the field trips!

We thoroughly enjoyed the day there with my parents, Inga’s parents, and my sister’s family (from Lexington).  Thank you, Mark, for making it possible.  I wish I could return the favor somehow. We will continue to actively promote and support the vision of Answers in Genesis every way we can.  It’s remarkable to witness what God has done through Ken and you since inception in 1994 (and before, I’m sure)—with partners, fundraising, land, building, and grand opening.  We pray that God abundantly prospers the work of you hands and continues to fill the Creation Museum with visitors. I will actively encourage many more to come.  I know that some already have.  You picked a great location, as you well know.

Peace and blessings to you in 2010 and beyond.. Thanks again.

-Robert Rogers Mighty in the Land Ministry

Find out more about his ministry at:

Huckabee’s Very Poor Answer

I generally respect former Gov. Mike Huckabee and Fox News for all they do to report and comment to the people of America about what is going on in this nation and around the world.  However, yesterday, while watching the Fox News channel, Gov. Huckabee was asked a question concerning how someone is to understand such terrible tragedies as we have seen unfolding before our eyes in Haiti.  Huckabee is a former presidential candidate, and is also an ordained Baptist pastor.

I must admit I was saddened but not at all surprised by what I would call his quite pathetic answer to the question posed about understanding and explaining tragedy (like the Haitian earthquake) in this world.  He said something about having faith in God and trusting God, but left out the most important thing. One cannot even begin to explain why there is death and suffering in this world without beginning with the book of Genesis and the account there of sin and the consequence of death. But Gov. Huckabee avoided any mention of Genesis—which is not surprising because of what I would call his compromised position on creation/Genesis made  during his bid to be  president. (At the 2007 GOP “Values Voter Presidential Debate,” September 17, 2007, in response to the question, Do you believe that creation was done in six days and it occurred 6,000 years ago? Huckabee answered: “I believe there is a God who was active in the creation process. Now, how did He do it, and when did he do it, and how long did he take? I don’t honestly know, and I don’t think knowing that would make me a better or a worse president.”) I’m sure it is not “politically correct” for a TV personality on the Fox News Channel to even mention the book of Genesis on secular television channels, let alone state that it is literal history!

Until Christians begin taking a stand on the literal history of Genesis, they will not adequately be able to begin to explain why there is death and suffering in this fallen world.  One point we need to make is that before even considering why there was this tragedy in Haiti, we need to ask the question, “Why is everyone going to die?”  And of course, one has to start with Genesis and recognize we are all in rebellion against God and all under the condemnation of death.

To understand all this in detail, I would encourage you to read the book How Could A loving God? which is available from AiG’s website.  I trust someone will get Mike Huckabee a copy one day.

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