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Last week, we had a visitor to the Creation Museum who came all the way from Australia to also attend a Christian conference in our area (where I spoke Thursday evening)—many from this conference visited the Creation Museum last week.

Our special visitor, Joseph, has been blind since birth. He just loves the AiG ministry. Joseph Stephen is a programmer for the Jaws software for blind readers and actively works with ministry friend Larry Pierce and his Online Bible, a powerful Bible software that is friendly to blind users. Joseph is from Adelaide, Australia. Even though he was blind since birth, it has not stopped his desire for the gospel or for getting around. He has made multiple trips to the USA, having a parent company located in Florida that he works with. Here is a photograph taken of Joseph and me in my office:


You can find out more about the Online Bible program (it is a Bible program I use every day) and the Jaws software for blind people that works with it, from the AiG website.

Follow Up to the Remarkable Charge that Our Museum Promotes “Terrorism” and “Child Abuse”

Do you remember my prior blog item about a local atheist telling our regional newspaper The Cincinnati Enquirer that our museum promoted “terrorism” and “child abuse.” We asked the paper to print our letter to protest the ridiculous charge, but we were denied (the paper just put our letter on its website). The full account of what happened can be read at http://www.answersingenesis.org/articles/2009/12/11/incredible-charges

AiG’s Apologetics Resources Used from the Pulpit

I trust many more pastors will be encouraged to teach apologetics as a result this pastor’s testimony.  He visited the Creation Museum with a group recently and then wrote:
… many are saying they want to come back. One little boy that came out of ‘The Last Adam’ [museum theater presentation] said he wanted Jesus.  Also some who are not Christians [husbands of the wives] had some very good comments, I hope to see them in church to be saved. I am very pleased with the response and the ministry that the museum has.  …

I have begun a new segment into our morning service. After a couple of songs and the announcements, I ring a school bell and put an apple on my pulpit and tell everyone I am going to school them in apologetics.  I then have a 3-5 minute ‘hard questions answered’ out of Ken Ham's book. ‘The New Answers Book.’ This is a small part but I hope to see more and more of that direction being taken . Also I would like to see other churches taken this stand.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying.  And please pray for Joseph as he travels on his own back to Australia.


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