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The Sunday article that appeared in our local newspaper (the Cincinnati Enquirer)—in which an atheist was quoted as saying that our Creation Museum promotes “child abuse” and even “terrorism” (see my previous blog post on this)—led to many letters to the editor. Here is one sample—written by long-time museum backers (and members), the Moran family—that appeared in the print edition of Wednesday’s Enquirer:

Regarding the article “‘Sinners’ gather at atheist meeting” (Nov. 22): The speaker at an atheist group meeting remarkably declared that the Creation Museum promotes “child abuse” and “terrorism”! Our family of nine has visited many times and, on the contrary, it is a wholesome family-friendly place. This atheist group has the words “free inquiry” in its name. But here is the incredible hypocrisy: this group led an effort to stop the museum from being built! The museum was to be constructed on private property with private donations but this intolerant group fought hard (unsuccessfully) to stop it. Why are they so afraid of a museum that presents a different view of life’s origins, prompting these supposed “free thinkers” to be censors? Pat Moran.
We submitted our own letter to the Enquirer editor (on Monday); as of this morning (Friday), it has not appeared in the paper (it was only placed on the Enquirer’s website). We trust the paper will print it, for you would think that we would be allowed the opportunity to rebut some vicious public comments made in their paper about our ministry—that we are supposedly promoting child abuse and terrorism.

Students Were Buzzing All Day

Recently, I had the privilege of giving over five hours of presentations to students and faculty at Northland International University in Wisconsin (one of the few creationist/Christian universities in the world). See my previous blog post on this. Here is an email I received this week from the university’s president:

Our students were buzzing all day today about your visit. Praise the Lord! I feel that they were equipped and with a sense of commission to share the good news! They are devouring the books and talking about what they are learning. They are asking me when we are taking a bus to the museum. So, needless to say, I think we have a great connect with you and what you are teaching.
I am looking forward to many more times of fellowship if the Lord allows . . . . Thank you again for your ministry to us, for your generosity, and for your sacrifice. My prayer is that these students will multiply this message absolute truth around the globe.

Dr. Matt Olson, President, Northland International University

Double Your Donation!

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