Fond Farewell

by Ken Ham on October 31, 2009

This week we said good-bye to one of our dear staff, Donna. She is retiring and moving to Arizona to be near family and friends; before doing so, she will be visiting parts of America and then volunteer for a few weeks at the fine ministry of Voice of the Martyrs in Oklahoma. See

Donna, who worked in our correspondence department (using her science background, which she also used as a naturalist with the U.S. government on Johnston Island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean), said good-bye to us this week. Her supervisor, Bodie (left in the photo) said a few words about Donna's ministry with us over the years, as did I.

Farewell party for Donna

Japanese DVDs

In August I traveled to Japan to have six of my main presentations translated into Japanese. Yesterday I was sent a copy of the graphic to be used on the DVD covers, and I thought you might like to see this as a reminder to pray for the Japanese DVD project.

Yesterday as well, we had a special Japanese visitor to the Creation Museum—who attended the filming sessions in Japan for these new DVDs.  More about Pastor Kato later in a blog item, including a special prayer request that he has.

Japanese DVD cover


South Carolina AiG Conference

Today I am in Greenville, South Carolina, to speak at an AiG conference (plus a special businessmen’s luncheon) at Hampton Park Baptist Church.  You can obtain all the details from the AiG website.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying


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