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Many of you will have heard of Dr. Charles Stanley, senior pastor of First Baptist Church, Atlanta. Dr. Stanley has a worldwide TV ministry and is very highly respected throughout the world.  I have the privilege and honor of speaking at both morning church services, and a special evening session at his church, on October 4.  You can find more details from the AiG online calendar.

The Association of Christian Retailing website wrote up this event as follows:

Master Books author to be guest speaker Join author Ken Ham on Oct. 4 as the featured guest speaker of Dr. Charles F. Stanley’s First Baptist Church Atlanta. Presenting vital information on the future of the American Church from his new book, Already Gone (Master Books/New Leaf Press), Ken will be addressing the alarming trend of a lost generation, and the relevance of foundational teaching found in Genesis.

Liberty University Convocation

This morning I will have spoken to over 11,000 students and faculty at America’s fastest growing Christian university—Liberty University (in central Virginia).  I will bring you a report on this tomorrow.

Off to Portland

I am off to Portland, Oregon, for an “Answers for Darwin” conference with Dr. Jason Lisle, running from Sunday morning through Monday evening.  Go to the AiG website for information on this free seminar.

Creation Apologetics Reinforces Faith

We have heard similar testimonies to this one many times over the years.  A couple named David and Jenny Hibberd visited  the Creation Museum yesterday.  They came from Derby, England.  Two years ago, they attended something called  Creation School at their church in Derby and have seen changes in their lives since then.  Their faith has been reinforced, deepened and they’ve been helped with confidence to defend their faith.  They are visiting the States for a variety of reasons but the main reason for their trip is to see the Creation Museum.  Here is a photograph of David and Jenny taken at the museum yesterday:


By the way, in England this weekend, AiG-UK is holding a national conference called “Prepared to Answer.” See www.answersingenesis.org/events/details.aspx?Event_ID=6369

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