In the Big Inning?

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You may have heard the Bible riddle: “Where is baseball first mentioned in the Bible?” Well, how about “in the big inning” (Genesis 1:1—“In the beginning”—a little Genesis joke there).

To follow up my blog item of Monday, I wanted to once again mention that over the weekend, Answers in Genesis and Creation Museum staff passed out evangelistic booklets and other materials during what was called “Faith Day” at the Cincinnati Reds baseball game. Over 30,000 people got exposure to the museum (our museum is located only about 20 miles from the ballpark), with many mentions on the large ballpark screens, statements by the PA announcer, and good exposure with a booth by a main exit so that people could pick up our materials. Our staff met and talked with hundreds of people.

Last month, the manager of the Reds team, Dusty Baker, toured the museum and visited Bob and Jan Thompson of our staff. Dusty was a student of Bob’s in northern California back in the 1960s. Dusty was nice enough to give his teacher an “apple” of sorts—very nice seats right behind home plate! Here is a photograph of Dusty with Bob and Jan in front of the museum:

Museum Guests

Culture for the Staff

Tuesday morning we provided a lot of “culture” for our staff. The Stoney String Quartet from British Columbia, Canada, performed some Mozart, Haydn, and Handel at our 8:30 AM staff meeting. Three sisters and their brother played violins and one cello. They were a real blessing. Buddy Davis, our resident musician (also dinosaur model builder, workshop leader, and so on)—and who plays a variety of country and folk instruments—said that they were superb, and he agreed that they “played a mean fiddle”!

Special Visitor

Recently, the former senior pastor of a church attended by many of our staff—Calvary Baptist Church here in Northern Kentucky—visited the museum. Pastor Galen Call, who spent the last ten years pastoring a church near San Jose, California, did his second tour of the museum, accompanied by his wife Jeanette. We appreciate this church’s partnership with us ever since AiG started in the area 15 years ago.

Museum Guests

Heading for the West Coast

This Friday and Saturday, I will be speaking at a Home Educators Conference near Seattle, Washington, and then in Antioch Bible Church (Kirkland, Washington) on Sunday. You can obtain details from the AiG event calendar.


Same mission

(John 20:21) Then said Jesus to them again, Peace be unto you: as my Father has sent me, even so send I you.

The Lord Jesus Christ came with the mission from the Father to seek and save that which was lost, and He has passed on to us that same mission.

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