Knee-High Is on the Way!

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What is “Knee-high”? Well, this is a new part of the Creation Museum that we have been wanting to build for a long time. “Knee-high” is the name of our new children’s museum—it will be built throughout the existing Creation Museum, but aimed at children aged 5–12. Even though children do understand much from the current exhibits—and they do experience the wonderful teaching in our Garden of Eden, Noah’s Ark, etc.—we have wanted to reach them at their level even more with some interactive teaching exhibits.

I will share more details as they unfold. The first of the exhibits will be installed in January. My favorite will be an animatronic, life-sized Noah—children will be able to use a touch screen monitor to ask Noah questions, and he will give them answers! Here is an artist’s rendering of what the exhibit will look like:


There will also be many other exhibits for children including the following:

Kinds Puzzle Puzzle Coloring

All the children’s exhibits will cost around $330,000. We praise the Lord we have raised nearly $200,000 already towards this project. Please pray for the additional $130,000 needed.

We will also be introducing two very special characters for children—along with a new children’s book series—but I’ll tell you more about this exciting aspect of the project later.

VBS “Huge Success”

AiG’s Vacation Bible School (VBS) programs have received outstanding responses—here is one from Operation Space:

I attended Creation College! It was first-rate! I learned sooo much! Thank you! Second . . . I returned to co-direct Operation Space [AiG'S VBS program for 2009]. We concluded last evening. Second year in a row . . . huge success!!

A few responses to pass on: A mother of six . . . in the pouring down rain on Wed. “The kids refused to stay home! They would not miss Bible School! None of them!”

A mom and dad had planned to leave for vacation Friday. The kids would NOT leave until VBS was over [Friday] evening!

A mom said that they have been to many VBS [programs] this summer. This is the first that her children wanted it to continue for two weeks!

Even the kitchen crew were enjoying themselves . . . . [Y]our program is fun, energizing, teacher friendly, and most of all . . . biblically sound!

It is an exceptional program. Through this I am able to ‘get the word out’ not only to the children, but to parents, grandparents, etc.! Thank you and many blessings.

Conference and Church Meetings in Seattle Area

Tomorrow I begin a weekend of teaching: Friday and Saturday at a Home Educators conference (in the Seattle, Washington area) and Sunday all day in a church in Kirkland, Washington. For all the details, go to the AiG events calendar.


Strong desire

(Proverbs 18:1) Through desire a man, having separated himself, seeks and intermeddles with all wisdom.

Our separation from the world and the experience of our deep fellowship with the Lord Jesus Christ in prayer depends simply on our strong desire to seek Him.

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