Guess What Is One of Time Magazine’s 50 Authentic American Experiences for 2009?

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Well, it is a mocking item, but in Time magazine (online edition), the Creation Museum made their 2009 list of “50 Authentic American Experiences.” As the attraction listed for the state of Kentucky, Time states:

Name another country on the planet that has a Creation Museum. It’s almost a contradiction in terms. But there it is in Petersburg, Ky., a sparkling new 70,000-sq.-ft. temple to a particularly narrow interpretation of the Bible: namely, that the world is just 6,000 years old and all creatures have shared the planet with mankind—hence the bizarre display of a triceratops wearing a saddle. The museum is controversial, for obvious reasons, and plenty of people dismiss its contents as bunk. But plenty of others believe every word and diorama. You’ll just have to judge for yourself. Admission: $21.95.
Here they go again: taking a fun item like a dinosaur with saddle similar to what you find in all sorts of venues (it’s a dinosaur for kids to jump on and get their photographs taken—not a part of any exhibit) and attempt to use it to belittle us.

I have written a previous blog entry on this topic that I would encourage you to read. Interesting that they write a mocking piece about the Creation Museum, yet in their cover article for their 2008 list of 50, they state:

No matter how much we crave it, authenticity is hard to come by in this country. We don't get it from our wide-stanced politicians, we don't get it from our lip-synching [sic] pop stars, and we rarely get it during our travel experiences.
The problem is that so many of the famous destinations listed in guidebooks don’t have anything to do with the local culture or the people who actually live there. So, maybe it's time to leave the well-worn tourist traps behind and seek out a little more genuineness on your next trip. Authentic America is out there. Here you’ll find 50 picks—one for each state—of unique places, activities and events that you might not have considered the last time you traveled. Have a read, and next time, leave the chain restaurants and theme parks for the clueless fanny pack crowd.
At least it is (free) advertising!!

You can see the Time magazine item and the rest of the list on their site.

At the Races

Tomorrow’s Indy car races at Kentucky Speedway will feature something new this year. In the first race—the Indy Lights 100—a “Creation Museum” car will be racing. Today (Friday) is when practice is occurring, and on Wednesday the car driven by Brandon Wagner was out in front of the Creation Museum, with Brandon signing autographs and talking about the race car (which can do almost 200 mph)—and sharing his faith. He is an impressive young man (he’s only 21).

Find out more about his racing team—and its car that races in the Indianapolis 500—at the Kingdom Racing website. Some of our staff will be attending the races on Saturday—the track is about 45 minutes south of the Creation Museum.

At the Ballpark

A little closer to our museum, another major sporting attraction is occurring this weekend, and it also features the Creation Museum—the museum is a title sponsor for Faith Day at the Cincinnati Reds baseball game. We’ll have an opportunity to share about the museum to the fans (we heard that perhaps 35,000 will be there) and pass out our evangelistic booklets. A Christian concert—by singer Steven Curtis Chapman—concludes the afternoon.

So, if you live in this region of the U.S., here’s a last-minute outing to consider: visit our museum this weekend and either take in the Indy car race (about 45–50 minutes from the museum) or the Reds baseball game (20 minutes from the museum).

Who Cares about Truth!

The next time you see statements from the secularists about Answers in Genesis, the Creation Museum, or even the creation/evolution issue in general, consider what a blogger stated this week about me and remember their research is often shoddy and they can’t be trusted in what they say. This blogger stated:
Indeed, by engaging a denier in debate you often aid them: every inch of copy space is a small victory for these people. One of the most blatant examples of this is creationist Ken Ham, who challenges any biology professor to debate him on campus. Several gullible but well-meaning people take him up on this. They don’t lose the debate, but in the process they let a creationist on campus to hold a little circus and hand out literature. An article lands in the student newspaper, a debate ensues. That’s the point, to sneak your ideas into a legitimate institution. And after it’s all over, regardless of how firmly you debunk Ken Ham, he simply repeats his open challenge for a debate. He’s not going to stop because of your impeccable logic: his mission is simply to spread an idea.
I have never challenged any biology professor to a debate on campus and “repeat an open challenge for debate” afterwards. This is sheer nonsense. I have no idea what he is referring to. The last debate I was in (where I appeared on a campus for a debate) was about 15 years ago at Harvard University—and recently through the Internet on Other than the Harvard example, I have not been in any such campus debate. I suspect this person has confused me with someone else—or they just made it up to present a good story to the public. But it does show the shoddy research of these people and that they cannot be trusted in what they write.

Now, our organization has made some offers to debates over the years—but we find the secularists/evolutionists by and large don’t want to debate our PhD scientists. We have also had some informal-type debates on radio/TV etc.



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When the Lord Jesus Christ told us that He would send His Holy Spirit to live in us and that through Him we would be enabled to do His will, we said, “Deal.”

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