Demolishing Darwin

by Ken Ham on July 17, 2009
Dragon Hall Bookstore

The above photograph is of a new section in the Dragon Hall Bookstore at our Creation Museum, featuring special resources that particularly deal with Darwin and his evolutionary ideas (this year marks Darwin’s 200th birthday). We offer a number of resources (all available from the AiG online bookstore), including the new three-DVD box set called The Evolution of Darwin series.

This three-DVD set (with a limited offer for a free audio CD called Dissecting Darwin—a roundtable discussion with four top creation scientists—when you purchase the DVD set) contains the following three presentations:

You can order this set from the AiG online bookstore (or visit the Dragon Hall Bookstore).

Digging up Dinosaur Remains

Buddy Davis of our staff has been in Montana digging up dinosaur bones.

Montana Dinosaur Dig Montana Dinosaur Dig Montana Dinosaur Dig Montana Dinosaur Dig Montana Dinosaur Dig Montana Dinosaur Dig

The photo with the tent on top of the hill is the actual dig site. The group had to remove a rock overburden before getting down to working with the smaller tools. There was a lot of shoveling of rocks and removing dirt! They had previously plaster-casted parts of a Triceratops. The team had about half of it out of the ground, and the next two weeks they will be removing the rest of the dinosaur. Buddy excavated a dinosaur tendon, which you see in the photos, and also a raptor tooth.


One central goal

(John 5:34) these things I say, that you might be saved.

The Lord Jesus Christ had one central goal when He spoke, and it was for the lost to be saved from their sins; that is our one central goal as we speak to the lost.

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