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It’s going to be something of a reunion when Dr. Gary Parker—who spoke for our Answers in Genesis ministry on a full-time basis back in the 1990s (and many times he was my speaking partner at our seminars)—is returning to Answers in Genesis next week for a couple of days and will speak in our Creation Museum (July 15–16).

I have literally heard hundreds of creation speakers over the years, and Gary has to be in the top five in terms of his ability to communicate biblical and scientific truths in such a clear way. He truly is a phenomenal communicator.

Photo caption: This is a photo of Dr. Parker and me taken last year

So, those who tour the Creation Museum on July 15–16 will receive a great added bonus when they hear this exceptional speaker—at no extra cost to their museum admission.

If you have an unsaved family member or friend you have been wanting to bring to the museum, I particularly draw your attention to his talk next week on Wednesday at noon, when he will give his testimony. Get in the theater line by 11:30 a.m., though, because this may be a full auditorium for Gary’s presentation. He will also speak at 3:00 p.m. that day (on a different topic) and also twice the next day.

See the museum’s special events schedule for more.

The Crowds Keep Coming

I still remember skeptics (both secular and Christian) at the time of the opening of the Creation Museum (2007) claiming it would be a so-called white elephant. Crowds keep pouring in. Yesterday almost 1500 guests were here (which, for a Wednesday, usually our slow day, is excellent).

Already Gone Is Impacting Churches

Some friends of Dr. Terry Mortenson (one of our AiG speakers and researchers) in another state wrote to him with this encouraging note yesterday:
I bought and read Already Gone. It has had a huge impact on me. I bought a copy for our pastor and his wife. They have read it.

We (our family and his) laughed at dinner the other night because we knew why he stumbled over words and corrected himself in his sermon last week. He referred to a “story in the Bible,” then faltered and changed it to something like, “the historical event documented in the Bible.”

I said, “You were thinking of what you read in Already Gone, weren’t you?”

He laughed and said, “Yes! I heard it as soon as I said ‘Bible story’!”

We are really changing our approach to teaching the teen Sunday school class and Sunday evening teen Bible study. We are incorporating a lot of apologetics into the lessons."

That’s the impact we are thrilled to see.

Already Gone (already in its fourth printing after just a few weeks) is flying out of our warehouse. You can obtain single and bulk discounted copies from the AiG online bookstore.


Plainly say

(Exodus 21:5) And if the servant shall plainly say, I love my master

We came to the Lord Jesus Christ to be saved, and then we learned about Him and saw here was a Master to be loved; now we plainly declare our love for Him.

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