Who Is Doing the Brainwashing?

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An opponent of the Creation Museum made a comment on the web recently that I thought I would share with you:

This person, in commenting on one of our new museum billboards (pictured below), stated:

I hate that the Creation Museum has dinosaurs ripping at their billboards, an obvious ploy to attract more kids to brainwash to Christianity.
Creation Museum Dinosaur Billboard Creation Museum Dinosaur Billboard Creation Museum Dinosaur Billboard

One just has to shake one’s head when you see absurd comments like this. What this person (I presume he is a secularist) is saying is basically something like this:

You Christians can’t be teaching children—that’s our job as secularists! We want to train (brainwash) them in secular philosophy. You have no right to train children in Christian things. How dare you.

The interesting thing is that at the Creation Museum, people actually learn about both creation and evolution. However, I don’t see secular museums teaching people about both. Also, science curricula we publish teaches children about both creation and evolution. Public schools won’t even let students hear about the problems with evolution, let alone teach them about creation. So who is really doing the brainwashing?

Unique Book Signing

Last Thursday, well-known market researcher Britt Beemer, who co-authored the best seller Already Gone with me, visited AiG. We both spoke at two sessions to museum visitors and then conducted a book signing in the Dragon Hall bookstore. This is the first time Britt and I have spoken together. Visitors that day had the unique opportunity of having both authors sign their copies of Already Gone.

You can purchase single and discounted bulk copies of Already Gone from the AiG Online bookstore. Here are two photographs taken of Britt and me as we talked to museum visitors and signed their books:

Britt Beemer and Ken Ham Britt Beemer and Ken Ham

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