A Raving Answers Magazine Fan

by Ken Ham on June 23, 2009

A raving fan of our Answers magazine sent this email to us this week:

1. I just love the focus on a particular theme in each issue. But while focusing on a theme, you maintain a great balance, still having a few articles NOT about the theme. For example, since I don't live in the USA, I didn’t find the Vacation issue quite as relevant as most, but there was still so much to enjoy and learn from it! I still read it cover to cover.
2. Your magazine is of very high quality—topping the glossy professional secular magazines that used to always be of better quality than “Christian” publications. Your magazine is one I feel great about giving away or leaving places for others to read. (I gave [one] to fellow missionary friend here. The daughter is doing her final senior paper at the American school here on geological evidences for the Genesis Flood. I gave her my back issues with Dr. Snelling’s articles). She said, “Wow—this is like a real magazine. I mean, a serious one!”
3. I love the regular features in each issue—Creation Evangelism, Education, Father’s Corner, etc. . . . I like knowing I can find those special features in every issue.
4. Outstanding design!
5. Finally, but most important of all, every page and word gives Glory to our Creator.
Thank you for your wonderful work. And I hope you will pass on to the magazine staff—from the writers to editors to illustrators and photographers, layout people, and every other associated worker that they are going above and beyond, and I appreciate their high quality work and attention to excellence!
Oh, and one more thing, I even like the ads. They are all relevant to worldview issues. I might feel differently if you started putting in ads for shampoo or oven cleaner or those annoying little tear-out cards, but I love the careful choice of relevant ads in your magazine. They highlight great new products or give good information about colleges or other organizations with a truly biblical worldview.
Well—I couldn’t have said it better myself.

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A Creation Museum Raving Fan

What a wonderful time our family (37 of us) had on Friday at the Creation Mueseum! It was even more than we anticipated! Even the young children were able to enjoy the beautiful displays and associate them to the Bible stories their parents read to them at bedtime. The petting zoo was a lot of fun and variety for the children.

For the adults in our family, our highlight was the special privilege to see and hear Mr. Ken Ham in person! What a marvelous sermon to encourage us on to swimming upstream. It was a tremendous blessing to be able to share the day with my family in a wholesome, inspirational, yet fun and fascinating, God-honoring atmosphere.

I purchased a complete set of books for my wife and me and a set for each of our five married daughters and their families. They are thrilled to take them home and use them in the future in their homes.
I consider this three-day family trip to Creation Museum the best thing I could have done to make an impact for today & for the future.
To find out more about the Creation Museum, check out our new website.

The State of the Nation

I have been busy preparing a message for my presentation entitled “The State of the Nation” in America (and to some extent, England) on Thursday evening at 8:00 p.m. eastern time.

This presentation will be broadcast live from the Creation Museum on the museum and Answers in Genesis websites, as well as the www.onenewsnow.com website, on 300 radio stations with the American Family Radio network, and on the AFR homeschool channel on the Sky Angel satellite system.  (You can find out more details from the Creation Museum website.) On this special video webcast, I will be joined by well-known researcher/pollster Britt Beemer, co-author with me of our new book Already Gone.



(Exodus 13:17) And it came to pass, when Pharaoh had let the people go, that God led them not through the way of the land of the Philistines, although that was near; for God said, Lest peradventure the people repent when they see war, and they return to Egypt:

Our progress as a believer is measured by our response to obstacles, as we move from the “I can handle it” to “the Lord Jesus Christ can handle it.”

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