When Terror Struck His Heart

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Forty-six years ago Dr. David Crandall, international director of AiG WorldWide stood with hundreds of other horrified onlookers and watched a young university student jump to his death from the top of the Roman Coliseum. Dr. Crandall and his wife Diana returned to that site in Rome yesterday and sadly remembered that horrible day so long ago—a day that would change his life forever.

David has often said that he promised God on that day that he would take the hope of the gospel to the world to save lives physically and spiritually. That long-ago commitment eventually brought him to Answers In Genesis to enable our AiG missionary work to grow and thrive.

The New Answers Book 2 has the full story of that fateful and frightful day in Rome and how it changed his life—Dr. Crandall wrote the conclusion of our best-selling AiG book. That story from Rome has now been translated into Japanese and is being used successfully to reach that country that experiences over 30,000 suicides per year.

Here is Dr. Crandall’s picture at the Coliseum yesterday:


Creation Museum in NASCAR Race Today

Yesterday I blogged about a NASCAR race that will advertise the Creation Museum later today. If you haven’t read that item, I encourage you to do so here. I enclose for you today photographs of the banners that will be in the pit during the race in our home state of Kentucky. The banners are being held up by Museum Operations Director Dan Mangus and me.


New Oriental Gardens Underway at Creation Museum

Over the next few months, we are going to see a lot of activity in the Creation Museum gardens. A supporter has provided the means for some major additions and improvements. Here is a photograph of Tim Schmitt preparing the way for the new Oriental Gardens:

Tim Schmitt
Tim Schmitt

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