Intolerant Secularists

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Well, the intolerant secularists are at it again. It seems many of them do not believe in freedom of speech or tolerance. They are a small minority of the population, and it seems they have given up trying to argue scientifically, logically, or in a reasoned way. We have observed an increasing trend to attack Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum using vile language, making false accusations, creating false websites, making threats against us, and so on.

Recently, acting quite childishly, they blasted the Creation Museum because we were given the unique opportunity to sponsor a NASCAR to advertise the Creation Museum. They also have been attacking the fact the Creation Museum restaurant has a relationship with Coca-Cola to sell their products. If they even used a fraction of their vile language and false accusations against Moslems—I couldn’t imagine the outcry. But it seems they think they have the right to attack Christians in any way they want. Here is just one example from one of their sites to illustrate:

In all my essays I rightfully call Ken Ham’s “museum” a crackhouse because all it promotes is cocaine, heroin, and other types of narcotics to blow the minds of religious people and whatnot in form of blatant lies, outright dishonesty and hypocrisy, hatred and propaganda, abuse and distortions, slanderous condemnations and forceful indoctrinations. And now there’s been a new addition added to the mix. The crackhouse will now be endorsing Coca-Cola! The pop that was once spiked with Cocaine at the very beginning of the 20th century.
Actually, we have been selling Coke products ever since opening the Creation Museum two years ago! Well, we need to pray for these people—they need the Lord!

New Arrivals at Petting Zoo

Recently, we had two more new arrivals at the Creation Museum Petting Zoo. They are called huarizos! Now, what on earth is that? Well, you will have to visit to the Creation Museum website to find out about these unique animals! Go here.

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