Chance or “Predestination”

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I remember once when my flight had been cancelled and someone handed me a cartoon that said, “Predestination—where you are when your flight is cancelled!” Indeed, there is a Sovereign God for whom nothing catches him off guard—and nothing is out of His control. That is why when I hear about events such as the following report from a Creation Museum guest services staff member, I know God had a purpose for it:

Recently, at the Creation Museum, we had a group of “accidental” visitors—a ladies bicycling club calling themselves the Babes. They started out at seven AM from Wyoming, Ohio with a destination of Big Bone Lick State Park [in northern Kentucky]. A total of about 65 miles. At the point where they were running out of water and energy, they noticed the Creation Museum sign. It seemed like as good a place as any to stop so they came in. Upon entering they said they were met with kindness and an open door. Accomplishing full water bottles and a trip to the rest room, they took the time to look around a little and have their picture taken at the Foto FX booth just for the fun of it. They said everyone was nice, and they were surprised at how big the museum was. The conclusion of the group was that they definitely wanted to return when they could take the time to go through the museum and grounds, but for now they had to hurry toward their destination.
Here is a photo of the womens’ cycling club when they visited the museum:

Creation Museum

I do trust they can come back and visit the museum in the near future.

From Cairo to the Creation Museum

Two pastors visited the Creation Museum yesterday. One is a local pastor, Chuck Russell, from New Hope Christian Center in Newport. The other is pastor Nathan Georggi of Lighthouse Association for Social Development in Cairo, Egypt. Pastor Georggi is in the USA on a tour to teach about—and raise support for—his ministry in Cairo. He says that his ministry encompasses five churches which work in church planting, pastor training, leadership training, discipleship, and numerous mercy helps. While on his tour, his friend, Pastor Russell insisted on taking him to the Creation Museum stating he couldn’t get this close and not see it. Pastor Georggi will be returning home to Cairo in July.

Here is a photograph of the two pastors:

Creation Museum

Special Down Under Visitors

Answers in Genesis was pleased this past week to welcome Aussies John and Esther Thallon. John and Esther will be volunteering at the Creation Museum for 10 weeks. John was a founding board member of the ministry in Australia that started in our house over 30 years ago. He was also the person I knelt down with on a piece of property in Australia to pray for a Creation Museum. God answered that prayer 30 years later—but in Kentucky—a reminder that God’s ways are not our ways. John was also a board member of AiG-USA for some time. John and his wife Esther are two of the most dedicated Christians one could ever meet and we are thrilled to have them with us for the next few weeks. Here is a photograph taken right after they arrived:

John Esther

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