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Recently, on TV’s Hardball (on the network MSNBC), the host, Chris Matthews, conducted two interviews in which he made one of the most absurd accusations against Christians I have ever heard. Chris Matthews claimed that creationists believe that what he called “prehistoric bones” and dinosaur bones “were planted in the ground by liberal scientists to make the case against the Bible.”

He actually made the statement twice in two different interviews.

In 32 years of speaking in the creation ministry, I have never heard such an absurd statement—except when Chris Matthews made it! When the media make up such absurd statements and put up straw men like this about Bible-believing Christians, one has to wonder if people like Chris Matthews really believe this, or whether it is a deliberate ploy to denigrate Christians who accept the Bible’s reliability.

I challenge Chris Matthews publicly to come up with documented evidence from a credible source to substantiate his claim that creationist speakers or writers assert that liberal scientists planted the dinosaur bones and other bones in the ground to make the case against the Bible. It’s just an outright falsehood.

Chris Matthews in the interview also showed that:

  1. He does not understand the difference between observational science and historical science; see here.
  2. Does not understand the definition of a species; see here.
  3. Does not understand that you can’t apply the issues of origins to the topic of “global warming” the way he did; see here.
  4. Does not understand that many people are against embryonic stem cell research, not stem cell research in its entirety—which has been very successful using stem cells from adults. In fact, this is the only such research that has been effective thus far (embryonic stem cell research has not been successful like adult stem cell research—but because of the abortion issue, liberals, of course, demand embryonic stem cell research; to be fair, we understand that Matthews, as a Roman Catholic, abhors abortion).
There were many other statements in the interview that make one realize that such prominent media personalities often just do not understand the creation/evolution issue at all—with such people, a little knowledge is dangerous!

The two interviews are worth watching, just to see that Chris Matthews does make that absurd dinosaur fossil statement—twice. They take about ten minutes each to watch at these links:



Another Absurd Statement

Recently a blogger, in a typical name-calling tirade against Answers in Genesis and me that we are used to seeing these days from skeptics, stated:
Religious nut Ken Ham . . . what a moron! It’s idiotic garbage that Ken Ham spews out that keep rational people running as far away from religion as they can get!
He then continued to spew out his venom and then stated:
This guy [Ken Ham] also truly believes that the dinosaurs are only a few thousand years old! Are you serious? Oh, but that’s right, I keep forgetting that all that scientific carbon dating and such is just all nonsense.
Actually, carbon dating has nothing to do with secularists attempting to date dinosaur bones. They believe dinosaur bones are millions of years old, whereas carbon dating can only be used to date things thousands of years old. Any credible secular scientist would gasp as this blogger’s statement, as it shows his total ignorance of carbon dating.

There are dating methods used to supposedly substantiate millions of years (which we refute; see, for example, Does Radiometric Dating Prove the Earth Is Old?)—but not carbon dating.

It just shows again that such people are not acting rationally—they just make an emotional response because they reject Christianity.

Amusing Comment of the Week

I had to smile when I read this comment in a letter that came with a donation check this week:
As an amusing comment for you, I told our adult kids, if I die & they see my checks written to AiG–it was to Answers in Genesis–NOT the “government” that’s going crazy now [about the insurance giant AIG that the U.S. government is helping with billions of tax dollars]!”


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With Heaven in our view and the provision of our loving Lord Jesus Christ as our carrier, we regard not our stuff that we will leave behind on earth.

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