Hate Crimes Legislation Warning

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Many of you may not be aware that the Hate Crimes Legislation was passed by the U.S. Congress recently and may become law. The National Religious Broadcasters sent out a news alert on this bill and stated:

Now that H.R. 1913 has passed without sufficient protection for free religious speech or expression, there are profound implications for every religious broadcaster, minister of the Gospel and Christian school teacher or administrator. As the bill is currently written, an individual can claim that “bodily injury” (which could be broadly defined as psychological injury) is a hate crime. So if a minister, broadcaster or teacher courageously proclaims the truth of Scripture that homosexuality is a sin, anyone in the audience could claim psychological injury. Or if someone commits a crime against a homosexual individual and then says they were motivated by the words of a minister, religious broadcaster or teacher, that broadcaster or teacher could, in theory, be named as an accessory to the crime.

At the very least we are going to begin seeing people dragged into Court and possibly even bankrupted in an attempt to defend themselves against frivolous lawsuits. Those same tactics were used against the pro-life community in the 1990’s, and for over a decade proved a very effective tool in silencing religious speech and expression. At the worst, particularly in areas where the courts are predisposed toward making examples of people with regard to hate crimes, we may see Christians jailed. This is not “chicken little” fear; it has happened in Sweden and it can happen here.

There are many greatly troubling things happening in this nation.


A magazine travel editor visited the Creation Museum recently and sent us this email:

Thank you for affording me a visit to your museum. Needless to say, we were extremely impressed. Regardless of personal beliefs, I think anyone would have to acknowledge that the museum is very professionally done and visually stunning. The planetarium show is absolutely first rate. Thank you again for the opportunity.”

On various days when I am at the museum, I like to take the time to visit with guests. By the way, today I hope to get a photo taken with the 700,000th visitor (in the 23 months the museum has been open)—if that works out, I will have it on tomorrow’s blog

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