A 14 Year Memory

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For the past two days I have been at the Indianapolis Convention Center, speaking at the Indiana home educators convention (about 5000 people all told attended this convention). I gave two keynote addresses and four workshops.

It was almost 14 years ago that I also spoke at this same home educators convention in this same Convention Center. It was in June 1995--I was in my hotel room when I received a call from my brother in Australia telling me that our father had passed away. After this call the phone rang and it was a radio station wanting to do an interview with me about my speaking at the convention. I then walked across the parking area to the Convention Center and gave a keynote address. In the audience was a man (Joe) and his wife (Brenda) who had been brought to the conference by another family. The talks I gave were a turning point for this couple in their Christian lives. They joined a Bible-believing church and became on-fire Christians. Years later, Brenda passed away and eventually Joe became our Director of Advancement at Answers in Genesis.

My brother who called me that day to tell me about my father’s passing was Robert—who himself passed away exactly seven years … to the day, later.

So speaking at this home educators convention sure brought back memories.


As we find when we are speaking around the country, many people line up after each talk to ask questions and give testimony concerning the impact of the AiG/Creation Museum ministry on their lives as God has blessed.

Here are just a few of the so many comments I received:

  • I had two instances where fathers told me their sons had become members of the Creation Museum—and it was their sons who took them to the Creation Museum! I find many parents who tell me their children get so excited with Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum, and it is the children who excite the parents. One lady told me that it was their young daughter who pleaded with them to take her to the Creation Museum (located about 100 freeway miles from Indianapolis).
  • One homeschooling dad told me he took his family to the Creation Museum. He said all the way through the Creation Museum his son kept asking questions about the exhibits—and this really opened this dad’s eyes as he didn’t realize how much his son was influenced by the secular world’s thinking—it said it made him realize how he really needed to give the AiG apologetics answers to his children.
  • A pastor and his wife couldn’t thank me enough for opening their eyes. They said they see there are problems in the church—but the problem this pastor had was ‘how does he get this message across to the other pastors and leaders in the church as they just didn’t understand.’
  • I think I had more teary eyed people (both dads and moms—and kids) telling me they couldn’t praise the Lord enough for what the AiG ministry had done for them.
  • One lady said her husband was only a new Christian and this creation apologetic teaching was so important for him to have the right foundation—he was sitting through my sessions.
  • A number told me that they watched an AiG DVD, or read a book, or attended a conference at a pivotal point in their life and it was this DVD, book or speaking event that the Lord used to change their lives and become on-fire Christians.
There are so many other responses.

Soon to Hit 700,000

At the rate people are coming to the Creation Museum, I believe we will hit the 700,000 attendance figure since opening probably close to the end of April. The Creation Museum was opened at the end of May (Memorial Day weekend) 2007. Praise the Lord! Despite the struggling economy and the high gas prices, people still come from all across America and other parts of the world—and the press from around the world are still coming also (CBN was here again on Friday)!

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