Protecting Evolution Regardless of the Evidence

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The latest creation/evolution battle is happening  in Texas. A news report in the New York Times states that:

The latest round in a long-running battle over how evolution should be taught in Texas schools began in earnest Wednesday as the State Board of Education heard impassioned testimony from scientists and social conservatives on revising the science curriculum. . . .
Legislators in six states have considered legislation requiring classrooms to be open to “views about the scientific strengths and weaknesses of Darwinian theory.” The debate here has far-reaching consequences; Texas is one of the nation’s biggest buyers of textbooks, and publishers are reluctant to produce different versions of the same material. Many biologists and teachers said they feared that the board would force textbook publishers to include what skeptics see as weaknesses in Darwin’s theory to sow doubt about science and support the Biblical version of creation.
It’s interesting to note that in education, the academics always want to look at strengths and weaknesses in various theories—except evolution. The secularists don’t even want students to know the problems with evolution. They want to protect it at all costs, as they don’t want to even open the door to the possibility evolution could be incorrect. After  all, that may cause some students to consider the possibility of creation, and that can’t be allowed, now can it?

This article has prompted me to remind you all to ensure you have seen the movie Expelled—a documentary the secularists also don’t want anyone seeing, as they don’t want the public to know how academic freedom is squashed in relation to the origins issue—and how the public is censored from the truth of what is really going on in academia—the protection of evolution at all costs. You can obtain the DVD of Expelled from the AiG online bookstore. If you have never taken the opportunity to get a copy of this powerful documentary, I urge you to do so—and spread it around!

You can read the entire article about the Texas curriculum battle at:

Media Coverage Continues

As a praise point and for your interest, the following is a list of many (there were some additional radio and other interviews) of the media contacts AiG has had in just the three months October to December 2008. This will give you an idea of some of the media happenings we are continually involved in:

  •–hosted debate with Karl Gibberson beginning October
  • Museum News of Norway–story ran November issue
  • De Telegraaf–visited Creation Museum Oct. 2
  •–ran article Oct. 9 on Bill Maher’s subterfuge in getting into the Creation Museum for Religulous
  • Issues, Etc. –interviewed Dr. David Menton on age of the earth, October
  • Associated Press–ran update article (October) on museum’s success; picked up by at least:
    • WTTE, Columbus
    •, Virginia Beach
    • World Magazine
    • Bloomington Pantagraph
  • K-Love radio affiliate, Cincinnati–ran mention of “Microscarium” (Dr. Menton’s workshop) during October
  • CNN Radio–interviewed Ken Ham in October
  •–ran item on the Beliefnet debate in October
  • Globo magazine, Brazil–visited museum in October
  • KJSL-FM, St. Louis–interviewed Ken Ham in October
  • WEEC-FM, Springfield, OH–interviewed Ken Ham in October
  • KFUO-FM, St. Louis–interviewed Mark Looy in October
  • BBC-TV–filmed piece at the museum in December
  • WAOY-FM–American Family affiliate in Gulfport, interviewed Mark in November
  • Issues, Etc.–interviewed Mike Riddle on carbon dating in November
  • Corriere Della Sera (“Evening Courier” newspaper)–from Milan, Italy, visited Creation Museum in October
  • St. Louis Metro Voice–ran article on Bethlehem’s Blessings
  • Grand Rapids Press–ran article on AiG conference in town in November
  • NHK-TV, Japan–visited Creation Museum in November for more focused documentary
  • KFUO Radio, St. Louis–interview on Bethlehem’s Blessings,
  • CDR Radio Network–broadcast live from Bethlehem’s Blessings in December
  • Cornerstone TV Network–filmed at Creation Museum in December; carried on more than 100 TV stations in the U.S. and on Sky Angel satellite network
  • VisionTV, Canada–used AiG artwork and footage for documentary
  • WKOI-TV, Richmond, IN–had Joe Boone (Director of Advancement) as guest for December
  • Boone County Recorder–ran piece on Bethlehem’s Blessings in December
  • Salem Radio Network–interviewed Ken Ham in November: 1,500 affiliated radio stations
  • WCVX-AM, Cincinnati–interviewed Creation Museum Promotions Director Jason Goff on December 20 re: Christmas Eve
  • Cincinnati Zoo/Creation Museum controversy articles ran in early December in the following (many mentioned Bethlehem’s Blessings, as well):
    • Pilgrim Radio Network
    • WTTE-TV, Columbus
    • Cincinnati Enquirer
    • Boone County Recorder
    • Associated Press
    • American Family Radio–more than 200 radio station affiliates
    • WLW 700 AM, Cincinnati
    • Christian Citizen, Dayton
    • Cincinnati CityBeat
    • World Magazine Online
    • Columbus Dispatch
    • Baptist Press
    • Las Vegas Salem affiliate
    • Akron Beacon Journal
    • Louisville Courier Journal
    • Mansfield (OH) News Journal
  • Appalachian News Express–ran article on Bethlehem’s Blessings, mid December
  • New Haven, Conneticut, Register–visited museum
  • RenewFM, Massachusetts–interviewed Ken Ham in December
  • Cincinnati Enquirer–ran preview on Bethlehem’s Blessings
  • El Periodico, Barcelona, Spain–interviewed Ken and visited museum in December
  • Lexington Herald-Leader–article on Bethlehem’s Blessings
  • Moody Radio Network–Dr. Jason Lisle interviewed in December re: Christmas Star
  • Toledo Blade–ran article on Bethlehem’s Blessings in December
  •–ran feature on Bethlehem’s Blessings December
  • Boone County Recorder–ran feature on Bethlehem’s Blessings December

(Psalm 45:8) All thy garments smell of myrrh, and aloes, and cassia, out of the ivory palaces, whereby they have made thee glad.

Reading Scripture in the morning is like walking on a hillside of aromatic plants, aromas get on our clothes, & the smell of them all day reminds all where we were.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying, Ken

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