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It was an unusual scene on Saturday at the lake that fronts our Creation Museum. Onlookers might have thought that a real situation was developing in which someone had fallen into the ice. Actually, our security staff was playing host to a water-rescue training exercise (more like an ice rescue, really!) conducted by the County Water Rescue team of the Boone County (Kentucky), Sheriff’s Department–with many of our security staff participating.

First, they cut a hole in the ice, and then our staff and other trainees put on special suits and went in (it was about 4 degrees Fahrenheit just before they started). A part of the training included how to treat hypothermia.


See rescue photos on our Creation Museum website–plus a short video from that we have provided—at

And go to the newspaper website of the Cincinnati Enquirer and view a slide show of more photos:

Testimony–from a Museum Volunteer

Here is a testimonial given to me by one of our faithful volunteers inside the Creation Museum. As a Californian, Sharon is still getting used to the colder winter weather here, but she is enjoying herself in our Cincinnati area–and finding many ministry opportunities. But how did she end up here, more than 2,000 miles away from home?

I have been volunteering at the Creation Museum for almost three years [even before it opened], and it just keeps on getting better. This cold Kentucky winter, I have particularly enjoyed the museum’s spacious warm open indoor areas.
It is encouraging to see the many families with energetic happy children, seniors, and couples who have also found this winter retreat to their liking. It is thrilling for me to see people from throughout the USA . . . and even guests from other countries.
At times there is a special sense of festivity at the museum, as some guests have come here to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, or other special occasions. As a Guest Services volunteer, I too have my special fun times, which include listening to dynamic speakers, meeting creation scientists, visiting the bookstore, being entertained by the animals and robotics, and enjoying the beautiful biblical artistic rendering of the Garden of Eden. At the museum I am constantly being reminded of the awesomeness of God, whether in being humbled when show-hosting in the planetarium where the vastness of God’s creation is experienced or being thankful in thinking what Christ had done for me as portrayed in the Last Adam theater.
If there is any question of how a California retiree can wind up in Kentucky, I must say the answer is rather simple. I was happy in southern California while at Immanuel Baptist Church with my dynamic Pastor Rob Zinn. Over my ten years there, many were called to the mission field, but not me—at least not until Ken Ham came to our church. After Ken presented the “Is Genesis Relevant in Today’s World” message and shared about the Creation Museum being built in Kentucky, I made a decision. I stopped briefly to tell him before he left that day that I would be seeing him again at the Creation Museum. This explains why I packed up my 87-year-old mother, dog, and provisions for my young adult son to join us later—and started off for an extended stay in Kentucky.
You might think of a volunteer as giving, but I have actually taken back so much more. God has been faithful to provide for all of the needs of this early retiree through the financial rollercoaster of the last several years, with escalating house costs, bottoming stocks, and then decreasing home prices. My Creation Museum experience has strengthened my own creation beliefs with biblical and scientific information. It has been a delight to interact with others in a truly Christian environment.
For me, volunteering at the museum was a call to go on a vacation, and I look forward to meeting so many others who say “yes” to this same call.
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