What Does It Mean to Believe in God?

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The results of the Harris Poll released recently in the U.S. should remind us again that just because people say they believe in God (or make statements like, “God Bless America”), does not mean they believe the Bible to be the infallible inspired Word of God, or understand what it really means to be a born-again Christian. I have met a lot of people who naively think that if someone believes in God, or believes in creation, that means they are born-again Christians—but that is not necessarily the case.

Here are some selected results from the online report from Market Watch:

That very large majorities of the American public believe in God, miracles, the survival of the soul after death, the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and the Virgin birth will come as no great surprise…-- 80% of adult Americans believe in God - unchanged since the last time we asked the question in 2005. Large majorities of the public believe in miracles (75%), heaven (73%), angels (71%), that Jesus is God or the Son of God (71%), the resurrection of Jesus (70%), the survival of the soul after death (68%), hell (62%), the Virgin birth (Jesus born of Mary (61%) and the devil (59%). -- Slightly more people - but both are minorities - believe in Darwin's theory of evolution (47%) than in creationism (40%) …
Catholics are more likely than Protestants to believe in Darwin's theory of evolution (by 52% to 32%)…Slender majorities of all adults believe that all or most of the Old Testament (55%) and the New Testament (54%) are the "Word of God." However, only about a third of all adults (37% and 36%) believe that all of these texts are the word of God…Less than a quarter of Americans describe themselves are "very religious." However, a large majority (68%) describe themselves as either very (23%) or somewhat (45%) religious…A quarter (27%) of adult Americans claim that they attend church once a week or more often, compared with 36% who say they attend less than once a year or never (18% each).
I suggest you read the more detailed report and see many of the inconsistencies in the way people believe, and that it is so obvious many do not truly understand Christianity. You can read the detailed report at: http://www.marketwatch.com


We praise the Lord for the feedback we receive each day at AiG. Here is an example from last week:

Though well educated, I never really cared for science. Now, I spend countless hours listening to or reading about thrilling presentations on the seeing eye, our glorious cosmos, etc! I am wondering if the skeptics and scorners ever stop to realize that, despite their differences on origins, AiG is an extremely abundant source of excellent information on science. A great big THANK YOU to all the great teachers at AiG! I cannot tell you how fascinating your presentations are!
PS. My friend and I traveled with our families out from the west coast this past summer to see The Museum. It exceeded our expectations! Ever think of putting another one up near Disneyland?


You still have four more opportunities to visit AiG’s FREE Live Nativity, and Road to Bethlehem program. Tonight (Saturday), Wednesday 31st. January 2nd and 3rd (6pm – 8 pm). For more information, visit the Creation Museum website.


Even though Christmas for 2008 has come and gone, the message of the real “reason for the season” should be with us each day of the year. As that reminder, here is today’s devotion:
(Matthew 2:1) Jesus was born

Oh the wonder of it all when God became a man because He

Cared about our lost state and that there was no way we could make it to Heaven without Himself becoming our sin sacrifice so He

Came to our sin filled world and there He

Carried our sins and was judged for our sins on the Cross where He made a gift of a great exchange of our sins for His righteousness and then He

Called us as lost sinners to take that free gift and live forever (which some have received and some have rejected.)

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