Pray for the Church in Hong Kong/China

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Recently, two of my colleagues at AiG and I were invited (expenses paid) to go to Hong Kong to help a Christian group with content for an incredible Christian outreach they are involved in.

It was a privilege to attend the largest Chinese-speaking church (10,000 attend the various services each week) in Hong Kong. They have a Bible college and many other outreaches—just a tremendous work. We are going to send them books and other resources for their library (they have a large library for their congregation and college—but only a number of very old creation-related resources).

I have included a few photographs:

  1. The church—a 19-story building in Hong Kong. chinese-church
  2. People pouring into the church for one of the six Sunday services. chinese-congregation-2 chinese-congregation-1
  3. Some of the congregation during the service (held in Cantonese) we attended. chinese-congregation-3
I will tell you more about the trip to Hong Kong later—but for this blog I just wanted you to pray for the church in Hong Kong and for the spread of the gospel in China.

Perfect Tone

Regarding my blog Saturday about Bill Maher and the new Religulous movie, I received this comment:
[The] blog on the Bill Maher movie was God honoring and perfect in tone. Great job! The Truth CAN be spoken in a tone that fits with the heart of God [. . .] that Jesus even died for Bill Maher and [atheist scientist] Richard Dawkins.
Just another reminder to pray for these two (Bill Maher and Richard Dawkins) who spend a lot of their time fighting against Someone they don't believe exists (the God of creation).


“God of Knowledge”

(1 Samuel 2:3) Talk no more so exceeding proudly; let not arrogancy come out of your mouth: for the LORD is a God of knowledge, and by him actions are weighed.

Too quickly we sink to ask, Does God know, but a look at His Creation shows us how the Lord Jesus Christ thought of everything, He is a God of knowledge.

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