Ron Reagan Calls Creation “Scary Belief”

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According to a recent report in WorldNetDaily on an interview with President Ronald Reagan’s youngest, Ron Jr said:

“Creationism is one of the scary beliefs Palin advocates,” he said.

“It doesn’t bother some people, I know, but, frankly, somebody like that has no idea what kind of planet we live on—literally has no idea what the planet is all about,” Ron Jr. said.

“It’s such a profoundly anti-intellectual, anti-science stance,” he asserted. “I don’t see how you can hold high office and believe something like that.”

So what’s really scary?

A commentator who believes the universe was created by God and thus there is order to things—which is why we accept the laws of nature and the uniformity of nature—there are absolutes (moral absolutes, e.g.)?

Or a commentator who believes that everything happened by chance random process—including their own logic—so therefore no one’s logic can be trusted and all morality is relative?

You can read the entire report at:

Photo Tour of Lenoir City Answers Conference

On Sunday I spoke five times at First Baptist Church of Lenoir City (south of Knoxville, Tennessee). As is usual, I received a lot of feedback from people in regard to how God has used the AiG ministry to change lives.

One lady told me her brother has used AiG resources in the U.S. Marines to reach many of his colleagues with the gospel.

1.  As we were coming up the town’s main street, we saw the billboard advertising the conference.


2.  The church moved into this new sanctuary just a few months ago.


3.  A great crowd (well over 1000 different people) attended various parts of the conference.


4.  Resources were popular.


5.  My wife Mally was able to come with me.


Global Warming DVD Really “Smoking”

The new Global Warming DVD (produced jointly with Coral Ridge Ministries) is flying off the shelves so fast, AiG staff have had to work feverishly to keep up with orders. Until our big shipment arrives from our duplicator, we are duplicating copies in house—the machines are really “smoking”!

I watched the entire DVD last week—it really is a phenomenal production and will open a lot of eyes to the truth and expose the FICTION of Al Gore’s influential film.

AiG has also produced a booklet to go with the DVD—and you can order both from the AiG website.

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