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Answers in Genesis was recently presented with an award honoring the entire ministry. The award was presented to AiG last Friday evening by the National Association of Christian Financial Consultants, a group of investment professionals committed to investment and financial planning disciplines centered upon biblical principles.

NACFC is one of the largest association of Christian financial consultants in the world (with nearly 300 Christian financial planners from almost every state in the U.S.) and is the longest-standing organization of Christian financial consultants. The award is presented to one person each year, and it was presented with a specially prepared proclamation in the form of a certificate—an honor for the entire ministry.

Answers in Genesis has become known as a ministry founded and based on God’s Word. AiG is committed to integrity in all areas of the ministry and recognizes the importance of financial integrity. That’s why Answers in Genesis is a member in good standing of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability. Also, in 2006, AiG was also named one of 30 exemplary “Shining Light” ministries by independent watchdog group MinistryWatch.

We as a ministry are honored and thankful to God for having received these awards, and we are additionally thankful to our godly board and supporters who hold us accountable and give us direction.

You can read AiG’s more detailed web article (with photographs of the award and presentation) at: {% get_urls 3646 alt="" %}


Dale Mason, VP of Media and Marketing was thrilled to be able to inform AiG staff at Tuesday’s staff meeting of more awards AiG received recently:

Gold Crown—Best Video Series for the Demolishing Strongholds video curriculum—a very popular video series (dynamic teaching for teens and adults)

Gold Crown—Best Youth Film for Demolishing Strongholds

awards-7-22-08-011adj.jpg    awards-7-22-08-016adj.jpg

Gold Crown—Best Film under 20 minutes for The Last Adam film (AiG with Grooters Productions)—this is one of the most powerful presentations of the gospel I have ever seen and is shown in the Last Adam Theater at the Creation Museum—the heart of the message of AiG.

Bronze Crown—Best Documentary category for Flood Geology video—one of the videos produced by AiG with Grooters for the Creation Museum


Silver Telly Award—Noah’s Ark: Thinking Outside the Box—one of our most popular videos that deals with the details concerning the Ark of Noah’s day


Congratulations to all those who work in the Video Department at AiG—and congratulations to the video production team of Grooters for helping AiG to make such an impact in the world through the Creation Museum videos.


Regular visitors to will be among the first to notice a major change to our website design unveiled yesterday: the addition of a site-wide menu bar at the very top of our web pages. Using this “intersite highway,” users can easily and quickly navigate to several of the most popular locations in the Answers in Genesis Family of Websites. The new menu also features attractive drop-down previews of the other website home pages, so you can see exactly where you’re going to land! I have included a screen shot to show you an example of these new attractive drop-down previews.


You can read more details about these exciting changes at:

Congratulations to AiG’s web team as they continue to keep the AiG family of websites on the cutting edge so we can reach more people more easily with the creation/gospel message.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying.


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