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Weird “Journalism”

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Sometime ago we heard of a book that had been produced called Weird Kentucky by Jeffrey Scott Holland.


Recently a staff member saw the book in a store and purchased it. One can see the sort of book it is just by looking at the contents page:


And yes—you guessed it—the Creation Museum features in this publication. Of course, if the inaccuracies/misrepresentations on the one page about the Creation Museum are representative of the obvious poor and inaccurate research conducted for this item—then that doesn’t say much for the rest of the book.

For instance, this author states about the Creation Museum:

  1. “Adam and Eve are presented as Caucasian.” This is absolutely 100 percent false as one can see not only with Adam and Eve (in more than one display), but also with other human figures throughout the museum. We went to great pains to ensure Adam and Eve were presented as middle brown, as we suggest the first two humans had genes for a medium amount of the skin pigment melanin. And in the Tower of Babel/Confusion Room, we speak against prejudice and racism. I think this author’s anti-Christian agenda overrode his observation skills!
  2. “Dinosaurs coexisted with humans, who could fit them with saddles and ride them like horses (he ha).” It is true that we teach dinosaurs and humans existed with humans (and there is good reason for this). However, the ONE dinosaur we have at the bottom of the stairs (it is not part of any teaching exhibit) leading one out of the museum exhibit area is specifically for children to hop on and have their photograph taken. This is no different than “fun” dinosaurs one finds in various places around the world used in playgrounds or for kids to climb on or ride etc. To try to use a kids’ fun item to insist this is what we teach people about dinosaurs is beyond ridiculous, as any logically thinking person would conclude.
  3. “Internet pornography and abortion are a direct result of believing that the earth is millions of years old.” This is simply not true. Where does it say this anywhere in the Creation Museum? We do point out that when a church compromises the Bible’s account in Genesis by reinterpreting it because of millions of years, then one is undermining the authority of Scripture. The more subsequent generations believe the Bible is not the ultimate authority, and that one cannot take it as written, then eventually such people can totally abandon Scripture and move towards a moral relativism (one will do what is right in their own eyes). Believing in millions of years is not the reason there is abortion and pornography—sin is the reason for such things. The ancient Romans aborted babies—long before Darwinian evolution and millions of years were popularized. The issue we challenge people with concerns not undermining (thus rejecting) the absolute authority of God’s Word!
Well, there are many more things I could say about the misrepresentations on this page. We are used to writers scoffing at the Creation Museum—but I wish they could get their facts right and try to be reasonably accurate! This is a scan of the page about the Creation Museum—you should be able to read this and find a number of other gross errors and an obvious anti-Christian agenda. Regardless—it is all still advertising! We have met a number of people who have come to the Creation Museum out of sheer curiosity because of hearing things like this—and we praise the Lord that they come! At least they will hear the gospel clearly presented.



On a recent blog, I included a photograph of myself and a young girl Mary who visited the Creation Museum with her parents. Well, her parents saw her picture on my blog and sent me this email:

Mary was so excited to see her picture with you on your site. We have the original picture in her homeschool area, so it was thrilling to her to see it on the computer too. As a matter of fact, she may become your next lecturer. [Her mother] and I have observed her playtime lately being somewhat different than it was prior to visiting the museum. She stands in front of her baby dolls talking to them about dinosaurs and how God created them on the sixth day. She waves her arms like she’s pointing to something on the “screen” behind her. It’s a riot to watch. Thanks again. We’re all praying for your ministry and can’t wait to be there again.
It is great to see this younger generation growing up on AiG resources!!

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying.


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