Signs of the Apocalypse

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Last week I was interviewed by a reporter from ABC News (in the USA) in regard to all the disasters that have recently occurred across the USA and around the world. The reporter was writing a story about all these disasters, and she was interviewing people concerning whether or not all this was a sign of the end times—the apocalypse. The story she wrote from ABC News was somewhat disjointed, and a few of my comments were neither connected nor contextualized well. But there is no doubt the earthquakes, wars, tornadoes, etc., are causing people to think about what is going on in the world.

I was also called by a producer with the Fox News Channel about a possible live TV debate moderated by Geraldo Rivera concerning this topic—though due to other breaking news items, this didn’t go ahead. But had I been on the Fox News Channel regarding this topic, what would I have said?

I would probably have said that such disasters are a reminder of past judgment and future judgment to come. Because of the effects of sin and the curse (“the whole creation groans” – Romans 8:22), everything is running down—falling apart. God no longer holds everything together perfectly as He did before the Fall. He withdrew some of that sustaining power so we would run down and die—death is the penalty for sin. There is no doubt that disasters resulting in loss of life cause people to think about death—but we need to understand it is not God’s fault: it is our fault because we sinned against a Holy God.

I often get asked by the media questions like, “well why did God let those people die?” I then have to tell them that they asked the wrong question—the right question is, “why is everyone going to die?”

Jesus warned that there would be earthquakes, wars, and so on before the end (which obviously applied to the Jews before the destruction of 70 AD and before the final judgment when He makes a new heavens and earth). Such disasters should remind us we do live in a fallen world—and in one sense they are wake up calls to people to be reminded that we are sinners in need of salvation.

I do believe that God is withdrawing his hand of blessing on America. As one reads in Scripture about the blessings and curses (judgments) promised to the Israelites—blessings for obedience, and judgment for disobedience—one does see a similarity to what is happening to this great nation that once honored God, but is more and more rejecting God.

We do know that there is a final judgment coming. We don’t know when that will occur. Until then, we will see wars and all sorts of disasters. The important thing is that our hearts are right with God—that we have received the free gift of salvation, so no matter what happens, we will spend eternity with the Lord.

The Making of a Dragon

I have included some photographs of a dragon being constructed for the Creation Museum’s Dragon Hall bookstore. Our very talented sculptors are currently working on this project.

Dragon Sculpture Dragon Sculpture Dragon Sculpture

Planetarium Program to Be in Portuguese

We are thrilled that the Creation Museum’s planetarium program, The Created Cosmos, will soon be translated into Portuguese. Here is an email we received from the missionary in Portugal who is assisting in this:

Just wanted to let you know that the “Created Cosmos” DVDs arrived safely yesterday and we are working on the preparations for recording the Portuguese. Next week we will do the first trial runs. Thank you so much for allowing us to use this material, it will be such a blessing to many. Every blessing to you all at AiG - keep up the fight, it’s worth it!

“Cartwheels” over the Creation Museum

It is wonderful to see people so excited over the Creation Museum. Here is an email received this week:

I received the monthly publication [Answers Update] yesterday and couldn't stop from doing cartwheels in the throne room (that's my euphemism for spiritual delight and celebration) when I read about the success of the museum. God is wonderful!

The Broadening of the Ministry

Over the past couple of years, AiG has been working hard to get people to see that the AiG/Creation Museum ministry, is much broader than just about the creation/evolution issue—it is an evangelistic ministry dealing with biblical authority! We have broadened the ministry considerably in this regard, and people do notice. Many who come to the Creation Museum tell me they are so excited to see we are not just about creation/evolution/age of earth—but about proclaiming the gospel, defending the Christian faith in today’s world, and upholding the authority of the Word of God. Another way we have been able to broaden the ministry is through Answers magazine. This is not just a publication dealing with scientific issues about creation/evolution/age of earth (although we obviously have articles regarding these topics)—it is a creation/worldview magazine that reaches all age levels. Here is an email received this week from a subscriber who understands the importance of this “broadening” of the ministry:

I just wanted to say I really enjoyed the article you had done on the Reformation in a previous issue. I see in a current issue that some people were causing you grief about it, but for me, it was one of several articles that didn't deal solely with the Creation issue that prompted me to buy a subscription to your magazine for my father. So please don't shy away from broader topics, you do just such a masterful job, and it is good to be reminded of Church history from time to time, among other things.

The just-published issue of Answers magazine is themed around “The Wonders of Creation.” It is spectacular! If you aren’t one of the nearly 70,000 subscribers, then I urge you to subscribe now through the AiG website.

Devotion: Strength

(Isaiah 30:7) Their strength is to sit still.

When troubled we try to busy ourselves for distraction. But, our strength comes as we sit still before God and receive from Him the word of assurance.

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