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Anniversary Celebration and Petting Zoo Opening

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Despite some showers off and on during the day, the crowd’s excitement was not dampened as the one-year anniversary celebrations of the Creation Museum’s opening began on Friday.

One of the major events for the day was the opening of the Petting Zoo. For today’s blog, I have given you a photographic record of some of the day’s events:

  1. The crowd lined up waiting for the official Petting Zoo opening—they then released the balloons they were holding. crowds-waiting
  2. As Tim Schmitt and Patrick Marsh stand by, I announce the official opening. ribbon-cutting-2
  3. Tim Schmitt and Patrick Marsh cut the ribbon with Mark Looy holding the sign. ribbon-cutting-1
  4. Buddy Davis and Geri Campbell (who starred in the musical Let the Rain Come—which was a big hit, by the way, on Friday evening) release a dove. doves-released
  5. More doves are released. doves-released-2
  6. Monarch butterflies are released. butterflies-released
  7. The donkeys loved the attention! donkeys
  8. Children loved playing with the goats. children-at-petting-zoo petting-zoo-goat
  9. We also had a sheep-shearing demonstration. shearing-goats
A new café also opened in the museum’s Palm Plaza area, and the new restrooms at the front of the building were finished for public use. A new exhibit of dinosaur stamps was also finished (I’ll show you photographs of that in another blog).

The fireworks display last night was spectacular. I also signed books and Buddy Davis and I also had our photographs taken with many families and groups. It was a long and tiring—but exciting—day.



“All sufficient”

(Numbers 15:27) And if any soul sins through ignorance, then he shall bring a she goat of the first year for a sin offering.

God is so willing that none perish that He provided Himself as the all-sufficient sacrifice requiring only that man humble himself, confess his sin & repent.

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