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When the Lord brought Dr. Crandall to AiG to begin the Answers WorldWide translation and outreach ministry, we had no idea this part of AiG would explode around the world as it has. We now have translations in over 75 languages, a new website (as part of AiG’s mega-site), and now, global networking.

Answers WorldWide has just concluded its first International Training Seminar with ten internationals trained. There were numerous highlights through the week; however, the most amazing was the global networking that took place. The team of ten became friends instantly and immediately began to interact about future ministries and contacts.

The two Albanians had never met until the ITS Training, and they are now setting up a strategy to reach Albania. Two Chinese men from Hong Kong and Saipan had never met, and now they are planning on working together to reach the Chinese-speaking world. Three Bible Seminary presidents met to talk about adding more creation materials and classes to their curriculum. The entire group shared their own websites and spoke of how they could network their site, encourage one another, and fellowship with each other.

At one point when our Slovakian and Israeli participants were in intense conversation, Dr. Crandall said it really dawned on him that this ITS event was far more than just training. It was “Global Networking.”

Six international flags from each of the countries represented have been permanently hung in the entrance of the Creation Museum. Each person received a lovely signed and sealed certificate that will be prominently displayed in the offices of each of these newly trained speakers. Dr. Crandall and his team will be in monthly contact with these new speakers to offer follow-up help and encouragement.

Answers WorldWide has two training seminars planned for next year. So, by October 2009, there will be 26 international flags flying in the Creation Museum to honor each new speaker.

I have included a few photographs as a recap on the week’s activities:

1. Two photographs of training sessions in the AiG conference room—one with Bodie Hodge and one with AiG’s Dr. Georgia Purdom


2. Some of the AiG materials translated into numerous languages that were presented to me at the conference


3. Three of our visitors with the owner/chef of a local Chinese Restaurant (one of our local favorites—the Oriental Wok) as they relaxed for a meal out together


4. Christian Wei from Saipan shopping in the AiG Dragon Hall bookstore


5. Mally and I being presented with a commemorative plate from Peru by Creous and Elizabeth Ramdath


6. On the final day of the International Training Seminar, I was visited by the Presidents of three Bible Schools from around the world: Dr. Joseph Paturi: Temple Baptist College of Cincinnati; Dr. Teddy Cheng: Baptist Bible College of Hong Kong; Dr. Christian Wei: Eucon University of Saipan (with Dr. Crandall on the left and me in the middle).


7. A copy of the certificate presented to each participant at the conclusion of the International Training week



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Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying.


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